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Jeff Glover Beats Justin Rader At Fight To Win Pro 11 In Crazy Match

Jeff Glover Beats Justin Rader At Fight To Win Pro 11 In Crazy Match
Photo: Mike Calimbas
Jeff Glover and Justin Rader went head-to-head in a no-gi superfight tonight as the main event of Fight To Win Pro 11. 

The non-title bout saw Glover use his trademark unorthodox style, employing headstands, rolls, inversions and other playful baits designed to lure Rader in. 

Rader's base and balance looked to be a big factor early in the match as he put pressure on Glover from top, but every time it looked like he was close to establishing onctrol Glover would magically escape and immediately attack for a submission. 

Glover mixed up his attacks combining leg lock entries with chokes, although his most dangerous moments came when he went for omoplatas. 

Rader's defense was predictably strong although he mounted an attack of his own in the dying moments with a tight ankle lock. But Glover showed no signs of tapping. 

The three judges returned a unanimous decision after the 10-minute submission-only contest was over -- Jeff Glover was declared the winner.

Watch The Full Match Video Here: 

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