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Video: Purple Belt Wins Submission-Only Match With Super Weird Choke

Video: Purple Belt Wins Submission-Only Match With Super Weird Choke
Photo: Mike Calimbas
A purple belt on the undercard of Fight To Win Pro 34 stole the show with a super weird submission that doesn't even really have a proper name.

Vance Barksdale defeated Sean Speer in the undercard section of the pro submission-only event and picked up a $3000 MusclePharm bonus for getting Submission of the Night. 

Barksdale calls the choke a 'bunny choke', while we've also seen it described as a 'buggy choke'. Either way, it doesn't look like it should even work but seeing as Barksdale tapped out his opponent in one minute and 16 seconds, it's effectiveness cannot be denied. 

It works kind of like a reverse triangle from bottom side control but the clamping pressure comes from a that looks a bit like rubber guard. The submission comes from squeezing the opponent's neck and arm between your own thigh and upper arm. 

Check out this instructional video that breaks down the technique: 

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