When Teammates Don't Close Out: Hinger & Keenan's Running Battle

When Teammates Don't Close Out: Hinger & Keenan's Running Battle
Photo: IBJJF
What happens when teammates face off in a tournament? We've seen it happen three times in the last month, and we're poised to see more this coming weekend. 

Keenan Cornelius and Josh Hinger train together at Atos Jiu-Jitsu in San Diego. Both are black belts under Andre Galvao. 

And we've started to see something strange from the pair in recent weeks: They're not closing out divisions like many teammates do but instead are facing off against each other in the finals of the absolute divisions. 

From what we've heard, there's no bad blood between the two -- they just want the mat time. Competitions are as much a learning experience as time spent in the gym, and Hinger even wrote about the benefits of friendly rivalries in a recent article

One of the best things about jiu-jitsu is you can go all out in a match only to shake your opponent's hand after, enjoy a chat, and then do it all again when you see each other at the next tournament.

Right now the tally is 2-1 to Cornelius, with two wins in the gi versus Hinger's no-gi win at American Nationals. Watch the videos below. 

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