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Fight to Win Pro 21

Fight to Win Pro 21
Fight to Win Pro 21 features a featherweight title fight as the main event when Baret Yoshida takes on Pablo Silva!
WATCH: Baret Yoshida Highlights!

Jan 13, 2017 by Reid Connell

Fight to Win returns to Houston, Texas tonight! The Humble Warrior, Baret Yoshida, will take on the hometown favori...
Main Event Black Belt Feather Weight Title
Baret Yoshida (The Arena) Vs Pablo Silva (PSBJJ)

Co Main Event
Pedro Araujo (Gracie Barra) Vs Manuel Diaz (Soul Fighters)

170lbs Black Belt Gi
Jose Llanas (Team Tooke) Vs Fernando Halfeld (BTT)

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Inacio Neto (Gracie Barra) Vs Joseph Carroll (Carroll Bros BJJ)

215lbs Black Belt Gi
Jimmy Lugo (Bastos BJJ) Vs Raul Jimenez (Alliance)

180lbs Black Belt No-gi
Marcelo Uirapuru (Gracie Barra) Vs Daniel Rivas (Rivas BJJ)

170lbs Black Belt Gi
Drew Lockwood (Rillion Gracie BJJ) Vs Shawn Key (Gracie Humaita)

200lbs Black Belt Gi
Brian Marvin (Gracie Barra) Vs Robert Yamashita (Elite MMA)

195lbs Black Belt Gi
Eddie Avelar (Ground Dwellers) Vs Marcus Bello (Paradigm)

155lbs Black Belt No-gi
Servando Almaraz (Gracie Barra) Vs Victor Pozas (Darkside)

235lbs Black Belt Gi
Rafael Davis (Carlson Gracie) Vs Steven Hall (Alliance)

180lbs Brown Belt No-gi
Eric Hunter Newton (Gracie Barra) Vs TBA

140lbs Brown Belt Gi
Marc Martinez (Bastos BJJ) Vs Jordan Burton (Pablo Silva BJJ)

240lbs Brown Belt No-gi
Chris Roberson (BJJ Revolution) Vs Tim Buchanan (Darkside)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi
Isai Cabrera (Gracie Barra) Vs Alex Lane (Pablo Silva BJJ)

180lbs Brown Belt No-gi
Giancarlo Bodoni  (Rillion Gracie BJJ) Vs Daniel Anderson (Elite MMA)

147lbs Female Brown Belt Gi
Veronica Messina (BJJ Revolution) Vs Tara White (Carlson Gracie)

Feather Weight Purple Belt Gi Title
Damion Oranday (Oranday Bros BJJ) Vs Mattheus Gabriel (Checkmat)

135lbs Female Purple Belt Gi
Georgina Staley (Pablo Silva BJJ) Vs Ana Norton (Elite MMA)

235lbs Purple Belt Gi
Dinko Bektic (BJJ Revolution) Vs Jay Mathur (Gracie Barra)

180lbs Purple Belt No-gi
Diego Almedia (Bastos Bjj) Vs Roberto Jimenez (Alliance)

115lbs Purple Belt Gi
Stephanie Cantu (Rillion Gracie) Vs Taylor Segovia (Pablo Silva BJJ)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi
Cameron Stevens (Ground Dwellers) Vs Edgar Benitez (Paul Thomas BJJ)

145lbs Female Purple Belt Gi
Julia Love (Rabadi Bjj) Vs Leslie Mclea (Elite MMA)

150lbs Teen Blue Belt No-gi
John Bailey Jr (Gracie Barra) Vs Ben Leal (Darkside)

98lbs Teen Orange Belt Gi
John Abney (BJJ Revolution) Vs Leeroy Gutierrez (Champions Factory)

90lbs Kids Orange Belt Gi
Cole Abate (Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ) Vs Jack Shafer (Rivas BJJ)

65lbs Kids Yellow Belt No-gi
John Pineda Jr (BJJ Revolution) Vs Miguel Guiterrez (Champions Factory)

95lbs Kids Yellow Belt Gi
Aeri Osha (BJJ Revolution) Vs Nanya Duran (3rd Coast Fight Lab)

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Baret Yoshida, The Humble Warrior

Jan 10, 2017 by Averi Clements - 7 Comments

Baret Yoshida has been in the jiu-jitsu scene for multiple decades at this point, and whether it's all that experience, his upbrin

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