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Fight to Win Pro 24

Fight to Win Pro 24
Fight to Win Pro 24 features a series of submission-only all-star matches! Last minute changes have seen the card amended to include three incredible headlining matches:

In the main event AJ Agazarm will take on Garry Tonon in what we expect to be a very heated match! Even more intriguing is the fact that these two top black belts will square off in the gi!

Joao Assis will defend the heavyweight title against Atos scrapper Mike Perez, an ADCC Trials winner and World Championships veteran.

Rounding out the main card is Edwin Najmi of Gracie Barra, taking on Nathan Mendelsohn to determine who will become the welterweight black belt (gi) champion.

Don't miss this awesome event!

Main event: Black Belt Gi Match
AJ Agazarm vs Garry Tonon

Heavyweight No-Gi Title 
Joao Assis vs Mike Perez 

Welterweight Gi Title 
Edwin Najmi vs Nathan Mendelsohn 

Middle Weight Black Belt Gi Title
Thomas Cronin (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs Jaime Fletcher (CSW)

148lbs Black Belt NOGI
Chad Robichaux (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs Cleber Luciano (Cleber Luciano BJJ)

180lbs Black Belt GI
Noah Tillis (Tillis BJJ) vs Brian Mendez (Ribiero Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs Black Belt NOGI
Chad George (CMMA) vs Rey De Leon (10th Planet)

185lbs Black Belt GI
Jason Youseph (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs Ryan Robinson (Gracie Barra)

240lbs Black Belt NOGI
William Wheeler (Wheeler Bros BJJ) vs PJ Montano (CSW)

195lbs Black Belt Gi
Omar Sabha (Brazilian Top Team) vs Rodrigo Antunes (Paragon BJJ)

180lbs Black Belt NOGI
Fernando “Hunter” Machado (CMMA) vs Felipe Fogolin (Cleber Luciano BJJ)

150lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Darby Faulkner (Checkmat) vs Marvin Castelle (10th Planet)

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kauan Barboza (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs Drew Sklov (Street Sports)

Female Middle Weight Brown Belt Gi
Catherine Fuhro Perret (Checkmat) vs Tara White (Carlson Gracie BJJ)

140lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Cole Franson (Tinguinha BJJ) vs Ricky Lule (10th Planet BJJ)

195lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Sid Skrob (Electric Jiu Jitsu) vs Kevin Crane (Morumbi Academy)

180lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Joshua Smith (Checkmat) vs Morgan Smith (Gracie Academy)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi
Connor Donaldson (Gracie Barra) vs Sam Hand (team Avalanche)

140lbs Purple Belt GI
Abner Cifuentes (GFT) vs Eric Medina (Jean Jacques Machado)

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Andrew Lopez (Checkmat) vs Wes Jarrell (John Morgan BJJ)

210lbs Purple Belt GI
Tyson Blair (Gracie Barra) vs Clarence Chaney (New Breed Academy)

125lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Hunter Robichaux (Carlson Gracie) vs Albert Tapia (10th Planet)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
David Fraser (Gracie Barra) vs Myles Moudy (Electric Jiu Jitsu)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Steven Calderon (Rodrigo Gracie BJJ) vs Richard Arreola (One Jiu Jitsu)

165lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Brian Travis (Gracie Barra) vs Andrew Murilllo (10th Planet)

155lbs Blue Belt GI Teen
Joao Capociama (Checkmat) vs Tainan Dalpra (AOJ)

140lbs Blue Belt Gi Teen
Juno Lucero (Alliance) vs Liam Moss (AOJ)

150lbs Blue Belt Gi Teen
Andrew Kisselburg (Nino Schembri) vs Jacob Kassama (AOJ)
6:22pm David Fraser vs Myles Moudy
6:30pm Hunter Robichaux vs Albert Tapia
6:38pm Sam Hand vs Connor Donaldson
6:46pm Eric Medina vs Abner Cifuentes
6:54pm Clarence Chaney vs Tyson Blair
7:02pm Wes Jarell vs Andrew Lopez
7:10pm Steven Calderon vs Richard Arreola
7:19pm Andrew Murillo vs Kevin Melendrez
7:28pm Tara White vs Catherine Perrett
7:37pm Ricky Lule vs Cole Franson
7:46pm Morgan Smith vs Josh Smith
7:55pm Kauan Barboza vs Drew Sklov
8:04pm Marvin Castelle vs Darby Faulkner
8:13pm Kevin Crane vs Sid Skrob
8:22pm PJ Montano vs William Wheeler
8:32pm Jason Youseph vs Ryan Robinson
8:42pm Fernando Machado vs Felipe Fogolin
8:52pm Rodrigo Antunes vs Omar Sabha
9:02pm Noah Tillis vs Brian Mendez
9:12pm Chad George vs Rey De Leon
9:22pm Kevin Berbrich vs Cleber Luciano 
9:32pm Edwin Najmi vs Nathan Mendelsohn
9:44pm Mike Perez vs Joao Assis
9:56pm AJ Agazarm Vs Garry Tonon

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