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Fight to Win Pro 25

Fight to Win Pro 25
Three huge black belt submission-only superfights headline Fight To Win Pro 25 in Arizona!

Superstar Mackenzie Dern will face Pati Fontes of Checkmat for the black belt female bantamweight title, Jeff Glover takes on Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes for the black belt lightweight no-gi title, and Samir Chantre will go up against Gianni Grippo in a 150lb black belt superfight!
Main event: Black Belt Female Bantam Weight Title
Mackenzie Dern (Team Megaton) vs Pati Fontes (Checkmat)

Co Main event: Black Belt Light Weight No-Gi Title
Jeff Glover (Victory MMA) vs Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes

150lbs Black Belt Gi
Samir Chantre (Ares BJJ) vs Gianni Grippo (Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

180lbs Black Belt Gi
Joey Medina (Damri BJJ) vs Jay Pages (Jay Pages BJJ CTA)

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Sean Downie (Lotus Club) vs Andrew Gardineer (One Jiu Jitsu)

205lbs Black Belt Gi
Steve Judson (GDBJJ) vs Kelly Rundle (Rundle BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt Gi
David Reilly (Undisputed Tuscon) vs Diogo Ferreira (Gracie Barra)

220lbs Black Belt Gi
Daniel Priebe (Carlos Farias BJJ) vs Roger Meija (Casa Grande BJJ)

190lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Daniel Hampton (GDBJJ) vs Javier Torres (Gracie Humaita)

150lbs Black Belt Gi
Jonathan Van Buren (Ares BJJ) vs Paulo Eduardo Freire (Gracie Barra)

145lbs Black Belt Gi
Gerson Atoigue (Ares BJJ) vs Chris Cariaso (Rise)

110lbs Female Brown Belt No-Gi
Maria Henderson (MMA Lab) vs Analilya Calzada (Studio 540)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
Thomas Keenan (GDBJJ) vs Mark Christian (Undisputed BJJ)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Steeyle Levine (10 th Planet) vs Gabriel Medrano (Atos)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Josh Rodriguez (GDBJJ) vs Joe Gomez (Seige MMA)

120lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Kelsey Gollihar (TNT MMA) vs Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra)

165lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Aaron Wilson (GDBJJ) vs Master Gator (Ares BJJ)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi
Matthew Gillette (Power Maracaba BJJ) vs Jose Muoz (Atos)

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
Joe Murphy (MMA Lab) vs Robert Johnson (GDBJJ)

185lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jake Watson (Power Maracaba BJJ) vs Nathan Hagberg (Arizona Combat Sports)

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Kyle Bohem (10 th Planet) vs Andres Alcantar (Atos)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Tyson Antillion (GDBJJ) vs Spencer Nolan (Relson Gracie BJJ)

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Lauren Murphy (MMA LAB) VS Elisa Giddens (Gracie Barra)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Tyler Larsen (Universal BJJ CTA) vs Korey Kerber (Atos)

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Nick Nelson (GDBJJ) vs Nicholas Larosa (Tnt MMA)

115lbs Purple Belt Gi
Shasta McMurry (Soul Fighters) vs Destiny Adviento (De Boa One Jiu Jitsu)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Lauren Murphy (MMA Lab) vs Elisa Giddens (Gracie Barra)

115lbs Teen Blue Belt Gi
Serena Myers (Carlos Faria BJJ) vs Hannah Shepherd (Universal CTA)

110lbs Yellow Belt Gi
Jameea Gunn (Lotus Club) vs Alexis Peterson (Maracaba Power MMA)
6:00pm Jameea Gunn vs Alexis Peterson
6:07pm Hannah Shepherd vs Serena Myers
6:14pm Nora Mora vs Shasta Mcmurry
6:22pm Nicholas Larosa vs Nick Nelson
6:30pm Korey Kerber vs Tyler Larsen
6:38pm Anthony Birchak vs Seth Wheeler
6:46pm Elissa Giddens vs Lauren Murphy
6:54pm Tyson Antillion vs Spencer Nolan
7:02pm Kyle Boehm vs Kevin Lepert 
7:10pm Jake Watson vs Nathan Hagberg
7:19pm Corey Mullis vs Don Daubert
7:28pm Robert Johnson vs Joe Murphy
7:37pm Matthew Gillette vs Aaron Wilson
7:46pm Master Gator vs Aaron Wilson
7:55pm Steeyle Levine vs Gabriel Medrano
8:04pm Joe Gomez vs Josh Rodriguez
8:13pm Analilya Calzada vs Maria Henderson
8:22pm Mark Christian vs Thomas Keenan
8:31pm Gerson Atoigue vs Gordon Kimura 
8:41pm Diogo Ferreira vs David Reilly
8:51pm Daniel Priebe vs Roger Meija
9:01pm Daniel Hampton vs Javier Torres
9:11pm Steve Judson vs Kelly Rundle 
9:21pm Jonathan Vanburen vs Paulo Eduardo Freire
9:31pm Ryan Heiman vs Joey Medina
9:41pm Andrew Gardineer vs Sean Downie
9:51pm Samir Chantre vs Gianni Grippo
10:01pm Jeff Glover vs Augusto Mendes
10:13pm Mackenzie Dern vs Pati Fontes

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