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Fight to Win Pro 26

Fight to Win Pro 26
Fight to Win Pro 26 features a headlining submission-only grappling match between MMA veterans Eliot Marshall and Renato 'Babalu' Sobral, and a co-main event of John Combs vs Steve Patterson!

Watch it go down live or on demand ONLY on FloGrappling.

240lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Eliot Marshall (Easton BJJ) vs Renato “Babalu” Sobral (Gracie Barra)

Co Main Event: 185lbs Black Belt Gi
John Combs (Easton BJJ) vs Steve Patterson (University of Ground Fighting)

145lbs Female No-Gi
Rossie Snow (Easton BJJ) vs Beth Kolanowski (Busy BJJ)

215lbs Black Belt Gi
David Lucarelli (Fudochi BJJ) vs Chad Latta (Factory X)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ) vs Thomas Keenan (GDBJJ)

170lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Tim Galluzi (Easton BJJ) vs Evan Barrett (Castle Rock BJJ)

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
Eric Coe (Jubera Jiu-Jitsu) vs Jeremy Hastings (Katharo Jiu-Jitsu)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Brandon Russell (Easton BJJ) vs Jeremy Adler (The Farm BJJ)

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jeremiah Talley (Kompound) vs Tito Valdez (One Jiu-Jitsu

190lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Bruce Bugbee (Easton BJJ) vs Tom Rampley (Busy BJJ)

195lbs Brown Belt Gi
Brandon Parker (RFLX) VS DC Hazen (Way of Jiu-Jitsu)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jeremiah Amores (Easton BJJ) vs Matt Manzanares (Cheyenne BJJ)

155lbs Female Purple Belt BJJ
Brittney Elkin (Kompound) vs Ashley Bilak (Jubera Jiu-Jitsu

220lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Dante Florez (Trials MMA) vs Brian Rogers (Factory X)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ) vs Matt Cano (Cheyenne BJJ)

125lbs Purple Belt BJJ
Jennifer Perez (Easton BJJ) vs Tessa Neely (Jubera Jiu-Jitsu)

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Tyler Spurlin (10th Planet) vs Tyler Cutsforth (Warrior Fitness Center)

205lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jesse Franklin (Easton BJJ) vs Jeremy Osheim (Factory x)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Daymar Ortiz (Zingano BJJ) vs James Mikus (Way Of Jiu-Jitsu)

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Casey Molina (Edge MMA) vs Jalen Reyes (Way of Jiu-Jitsu)

215bs Purple Belt Gi
Richard ViGil (Kompound) vs Joseph Clark (Katharo Jiu-Jitsu)

145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Robert Lamoire (303 Training Center) vs William Ellis (Pangsuko)

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Robert Parish (10th Planet BJJ) vs James Rawley (Cheyenne BJJ)

165lbs Purple Belt Gi
Louis Desantis (Mcmahon BJJ) vs Keifer Johnson (Darkhorse BJJ)

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
Paul Gummerson (303 Training Center) vs Daniel Neis (Flatirons MMA)

135lbs Blue Belt Gi
Eric Sainz (Zingano BJJ) vs Darryl Lebus (Team Tooke)

130lbs Teen No-Gi
Avery Harter (Easton BJJ) vs Alexa Valdez (One Jiu-Jitsu)

105lbs Orange Belt No-Gi
Wilson Sojo (High Altitiude ) vs Ethan Debelak (Gracie Aurora)

95lbs Orange Belt No-Gi
Zayne Garcia (Way of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Kaidon Sullivan (Fusboxe)

70lbs Kids No-Gi
Demarco Cosme (Way of Jiu-Jitsu) vs John Pineda Jr (Team Tooke)

70lbs No-Gi
Diego Garcia (Way of Jiu-Jitsu) vs Emerson Preuss (Catalyst BJJ)
6:00pm Diego Garcia vs Emerson Preuss
6:06pm John Pineda Jr vs Demarco Cosme
6:12pm Kaidon Sullivan vs Zayne Garcia
6:17pm Wilson Sojo vs Kaidon Sullivan
6:24pm Alexa Valdez vs Avery Harter
6:31pm Darryl Lebus vs Eric Sainz
6:38pm Daniel Neis vs Paul Gummerson
6:46pm Keifer Johnson vs Louis Desantis
6:54pm Robert Parrish vs James Rawley
7:02pm William Ellis vs Robert Lamoire
7:10pm Joseph Clark vs Richard Vigil
7:18pm Jalen Reyes vs Casey Molina
7:26pm Daymar Ortiz vs James Mikus
7:34pm Jeremy Osheim vs Jesse Franklin
7:42pm Tyler Spurlin vs Tyler Cutsforth
7:50pm Tessa Neely vs Jennifer Perez
7:58pm Sean Speer vs Matt Cano
8:06pm Brian Rogers vs Dante Florez
8:14pm Ashley Bilak vs Brittney Elkin
8:22pm Matt Manzanares vs Jeremiah Amores
8:31pm Brandon Parker vs DC Hazen
8:40pm Tom Rampley vs Bruce Bugbee
8:49pm Tito Valdez vs Jeremiah Talley
8:58pm Jeremy Adler vs Brandon Russell
9:07pm Eric Coe vs Jeremy Hastings
9:16pm Evan Barrett vs Tim Galluzzi
9:25pm Isiah Wright vs Thomas Keenan
9:34pm Chad Latta vs David Lucarelli
9:44pm Rossie Snow vs Beth Kolanowski
9:54pm Steve Patterson vs John Combs
10:04pm Babalu Sobral vs Eliot Marshall

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