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Fight to Win Pro 29

Fight to Win Pro 29
Fight to Win Pro 29 features 20+ submission only matches both gi and no-gi. The main event is a 175lb gi match between the always dangerous DJ Jackson and Brazilian veteran black belt Vinicius Agudo. In the co-main event leglock specialist Joe Baize takes on Josh Kate.

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Main Event: 175lbs Black Belt Gi
Vinicius Agudo (Soul Fighters) vs DJ Jackson (Team Lloyd Irvin)

Co-Main Event: 175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Josh Cate (Team Kaos) vs Joe Baize (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Paul Riley (4 Seasons MMA) vs Jason Matherley (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

185lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Justin Cavender (Florence BJJ) vs Donny Wallace  (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

173lbs Black Belt Gi
Eric Ingram (LDMA) vs Javier Arroyo (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

220lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Jon Cobb (Excel BJJ) vs Nicholas Albin (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

150lbs Black Belt Gi
Chas Washburn (Smashbowl) vs Michael Wescott (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Evan Ramsden (Maverick Training Center) vs Felix Garcia (Artista BJJ)

150lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Emilio Hernandez (Zenith BJJ) vs Nathan Lindsay (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

168lbs Brown Belt Gi
Clay Mayfield (IqBJJ) vs Sterling Peace (Agoge Combatives)

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Jonathan Burdine (GFT Tennessee) vs Doug Newbern (Jiu-Jitsu Nation)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jae Mcintosh (No Limit BJJ) vs Breck Still (Gracie Barra)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jacob Grove (TBBA) vs Miles Kirby (Luiz Palhares BJJ)
210lbs Purple Belt Gi
Joseph Sitter (Gracie Barra) vs Kenny Cross (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Nico Bowen (Team Legion) vs Dj Mackie (Warren Stewart BJJ)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi
Ryan Pope (Tennessee BJJ) vs Tyler Jackson (Jiu-Jitsu Nation)

115lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Alejandra Betancourt (All American Killer Bees) vs Julia Ramsen (Atos)

240lbs Purple Belt Gi
Mike Thatcher (Tennessee BJJ) vs Jerry Burns (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Kenry Trowers (Gracie Barra) vs Jeovany Ortiz (Jiu-Jitsu Nation)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi
Sandro Pasagic (American Killer Bees) vs Andrew Kordower (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jason Ramos (Gracie Barra) vs Rick Bateman (Cleber Luciano MMA)

140lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Kenny Stewart (Pedro Sauer BJJ) vs Andy Ortiz ( Jiu-Jitsu Nation)

145lbs Blue Belt Gi
Kevin Mendez (Artista) vs Seth Ritchie (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

118lbs Green Belt Teen Gi
Joao Ribeiro (Rio Martial Arts) vs Kenney Harless (Luiz Palhares BJJ)

125lbs Orange Belt Kids Gi
Reese Lafever (Gracie Barra) vs Marcus Kham (Jiu-Jitsu Nation)

120lbs Orange Belt Kids Gi
Madilyn Lambert (Gracie Barra) vs Megan Pence (Luiz Palhares BJJ)

113lbs Yellow Belt Kids Gi
Julie Payet (Rio Martial Arts) vs Rayne Grace (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)

95lbs Yellow Belt Kids Gi
Jonah Garland (Gracie Barra) vs Joseph Bowers (Maracaba BJJ)

70lbs Yellow Belt Kids Gi
Gabriel Ribeiro (Rio Martial Arts) vs Gage Buford (Boras BJJ)

70lbs Yellow Belt Kids
Ashton Newbern (Jiu-Jitsu Nation) vs Colton Meeks (Shawn Hammonds BJJ)
6:00PM Logan Saller vs Rocky Davis
6:06PM Colton Meeks vs Ashton Newbern 
6:12PM Gabriel Ribeiro vs Gage Buford
6:18PM Joseph Bowers vs Jonah Garland
6:24PM Julie Payet vs Rayne Gracie
6:30PM Megan Pence vs Madilyn Lambert 
6:37PM Joao Ribeiro vs Kenney Harless
6:44PM Marcus Kham vs Reese Lafever
6:51PM Kevin Mendez vs Seth Ritchie
6:58PM Andy Ortiz vs Kenny Stewart
7:05PM Sandro Pasagic vs Andrew Kordower
7:13PM Kenry Trowers vs Jeovanny Ortiz
7:21PM Mike Thatcher vs Jerry Burns
7:29PM Nico Bowen vs Lance Lawrence 
7:37PM Victor Duque vs Rick Bateman
7:45PM Joseph Sitter vs Kenny Cross
7:53PM Ryan Pope vs Tyler Jackson
8:01PM Alex Betancourt vs Julia Ramsden
8:09PM Jacob Grove vs Miles Kirby
8:17PM Jae Mcintosh vs Breck Still
8:26PM Jonathan Burdine vs Doug Newbern
8:35PM Clay Mayfield vs Sterling Peace
8:44PM Emilio Hernandez vs Nathan Lindsay
8:53PM Evan Ramsden vs Sam Davis 
9:02PM Chad Bingham vs Bryan Tidwell
9:12PM Chad Washburn vs Michael Wescott
9:22PM Jon Cobb vs Nick Albin
9:32PM Eric Ingram vs Javier Arroyo
9:42PM Justin Cavender vs Donny Wallace
9:52PM Paul Riley vs Jason Matherley 
10:02PM Clay Mayfield vs Joe Baize 
10:12PM Vinicius Agudo vs DJ Jackson

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