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Fight to Win Pro 28

Fight to Win Pro 28
FloGrappling brings you the live stream for Fight to Win Pro 28, featuring Garry Tonon in a no-gi welterweight title match versus Justin Rader!


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Welter Weight No-Gi Title Fight
Garry Tonon (Ocean County BJJ) vs Justin Rader (Lovato BJJ)

215lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Jared Dopp (Lovato BJJ) vs Eliot Kelley (Yemaso BJJ)

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Piet Wilhelm (Triton Fight Center) vs Chris Hoddy (NtMMA)

185lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Jesse Sunderman (Lovato BJJ) vs Seth Norman (Zenith BJJ)

215lbs Black Belt Gi
Sandro Sampaio (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs Patrick Miller (Zenith BJJ)

175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Travis Serna (Lovato BJJ) vs Ken Jackson (American Elite MMA)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Shiloh Roberts (Lovato BJJ) vs Mark Vives ( New Breed Chicago)

190lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Livingston Mckenzie (the Forge) vs Todd Ryan (Ryan BJJ)

Middleweight Brown Belt No-Gi Title
Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ) vs Daniel Roberts (918 Htc)

200lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kevin Williams (American Elite MMA) vs Chad Leonhardt (Cobra BJJ)

200lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Cortez Coleman (Conquer BJJ) vs Andrew Todhunter (Clinch MMA)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
William Pierce (Oklahoma Wrestling Academy) vs Matthew Vernon (Primate BJJ)

195lbs Brown Belt Gi
Rusty Greathouse (Ryan BJJ) vs Jeremiah Talley (The Kompound)

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Santos Vargas (Academy of Martial Arts) vs Jams Partridge (Triton Fight Center)

135lbs Brown Belt Gi
Cody Pannell (Oklahoma Combatives) vs Vinny Saenz (Lovato BJJ)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Tyler Shinn (Oklahoma Wrestling Academy) vs Troy Russell (Zenith BJJ)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi
Paul Ambriz (the Forge) vs Chris Hutchison (Triton Fight Center)

Heavy Weight Purple Belt No-Gi
Brittney Elkin (the Kompound) vs Teara Lewis (Elite Combat Systems)

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
Julia Shumate Avila (Zenith BJJ) vs Jordan Patrick (Triton Fight Center)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Michael Smith (American Elite MMA) vs Zachariah Kelley (Defiant Martial Arts)

150lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Randy Ray (Zenith BJJ) vs Glenn Pearce (the Forge)

165lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jeff French (Oklahoma Wrestling Academy) vs John Paul Taylor (the Forge)

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Tavares Collins (Academy of Martial Arts) vs Shaun Bley (Zenith BJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Matthew Wilson (American Elite MMA) vs Mark Jones (the Forge)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Miles Mcgrew (Zenith BJJ) vs Andy Nguyen (Triton Fight Center)

190lbs Purple Belt Gi
Griffin Henderson (Zenith BJJ) vs Jj Young (Lovato BJJ)

145lbs Blue Belt Gi
Tucker Keith (Zenith BJJ) vs Grayson Henley (Insight BJJ)

135lbs Teen Blue Belt No-Gi
Kayli Barrett (Prodigy BJJ) vs Jaya Haggerty (Trials MMA)

130lbs Green Belt No-Gi
Grayson Dekanich (Zenith BJJ) vs Zach Gehl (Infight)

135lbs Orange Belt No-Gi
Tysen Norman (Zenith BJJ) vs Blaice Prescott (Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ)

81lbs Yellow Belt Gi
Gage Neal (the Forge) vs Brandon Brown (National Martial Arts)

95lbs Yellow Belt No-Gi
Alexa Benton (Lovato BJJ) vs Luci Blub (Catalyst BJJ)

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On TV: Now available on Roku and Apple TV 4 -- download the FloSports app today.
STREAMING: Available only on FloGrappling via monthly or yearly memberships. A yearly FloPRO subscription provides access to ALL FloSports sites. SIGN UP HERE
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