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Fight to Win Pro 39

Fight to Win Pro 39
FloGrappling to live stream Fight to Win Pro 39, featuring a black belt heavyweight match between James '300' Foster (Foster BJJ) and James Puopolo (Salem-Keizer BJJ).


How to Watch Fight To Win Pro 39

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Main Event
Black Belt Heavy Weight Gi
James “300” Foster (Foster BJJ) Vs James Puopolo (Salem-keizer BJJ)

Co Main Event
175lbs Black Belt Gi
Josh Calvo (One Jiu Jitsu) Vs Mark Chappell (Gracie Barra)

200lbs Black Belt Gi
Kurt Shrout (Next Level Martial Arts) Vs Carlos Sievert (Gracie Barra)

195lbs Black Belt Gi
John Diggins (Straight Blast Gym) Vs Mohamad Mustafa (Elite BJJ)

185lbs No-Gi
Charlie Johnson (BJJ of Olypia) Vs Lindsey Johnson (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Robert Wolfe (Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu) Vs David Stegman (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Black Belt Gi
Amanda Diggins (Straight Blast Gym) Vs TBA

210lbs Black Belt Gi
Arman Barros (Elite BJJ) Vs Gustavo Pires (GpBJJ)

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Cody Houston (Game Worx) Vs Casey Stentz (Gracie Barra)

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kyle Mitchell (Marcelo Alonso BJJ) Vs Joe Marchie (BJJ of Olympia)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi
Scott Stilwell (Electric North Jiu Jitsu) Vs Sang Hyun (Elite BJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi 
Billy Yi (Zenith BJJ) Vs Matthew Nielsen (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Brown Belt Gi 
Jeremy Hastings (Katharo BJJ) Vs Josh Girello (One Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs Brown Belt Gi
Danny Melillo (Wander Braga Jiu Jitsu) Vs Matthew Park (Gracie Barra)

165lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Shawn Weisenburgh (Mat Chess MMA) Vs Chris Stone (Check Mat)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Lee Flores (Impact Jiu Jitsu) Vs Vincent Inoncillo (Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu) 

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
William Mainaga (Marcelo Alonso BJJ) Vs Jake Blaski (Cageworx)

160lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Riley Wiseman (Team Wise) Vs Shannon Higgason (Gracie Barra)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi
Aris Lara (Elite BJJ) Vs Gavin Carew (Praxis BJJ)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Sonia Sillan (Straight Blast Gym) Vs Christy Dettmer Van Gerwen (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Purple No-Gi
Austin Daffron (Mat Chess MMA) Vs Derek Alumbaiugh (Easton BJJ)

130lbs Purple Belt Gi
Christine Vogel (Frame Work BJJ) Vs Amy Monteenegro (Gracie Barra)

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
Joey Pierotti (One Jiu Jitsu) Vs Kazuki Umemura (Carlson Gracie )

185lbs Purple Gi
Bladden Bushaw (Marcelo Alonso BJJ) Vs Louis Petrick (Gracie Barra)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Nathan Fahey (253 BJJ) Vs Garrett Buerner (Elite BJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Chase Hooper (One Jiu Jitsu) Vs Sean Batye (Gracie Barra)

240lbs Purple Belt Gi
Aaron Neuman (Caio Terra BJJ) Vs Rockford Beegan (Olympia BJJ)

100lbs Orange Belt No-Gi
Jayda Macatangay (Gracie Barra) Vs Haley Vann (10th Planet)
6:00pm Jayda Macatangay vs Haley Vann
6:07pm Aaron Neuman vs Rocfkord Beegen
6:15pm Chase Hooper vs Sean Batye 
6:23pm Nathan Fahey vs Garrett Buerner 
6:31pm Bladden Bushshaw vs Louis Petrich 
6:39pm Austin Daffron vs Derek Alumbuaugh
6:47pm Christine Vogel vs Amy Montenegro
6:55pm William Mainaga vs Jake Blaski
7:03pm Sonia Sillan vs Christy Dettmer Van Gerwen
7:11pm Joey Pierotti vs Kazuki Umemura
7:19pm Riley Wiseman vs Shannon Higgason
7:27pm Antonio Moreno vs Gavin Carew
7:35pm Alex Le vs Sa Kim
7:44pm Lee Flores vs Vincent Inoncillo
7:53pm Billy Yi vs Matthew Nielsen
8:02pm Shawn Weisenburgh vs Chris Stone
8:11pm Danny Melillo vs Matthew Park
8:20pm Jeremy Hastings vs Josh Girello
8:29pm Kiel Mcdougall vs Dex Montenegro
8:38pm Scott Stilwell vs Sang Hyunh an 
8:47pm Kyle Mitchell vs Joe Marchie 
8:56pm Charlie Johnson vs Eddie Ziegler
9:06pm Arman Barroos vs Gustavo Pires
9:16pm Robert Wolfe vs David Stegman
9:26pm Carley Rangel vs Amanda Diggins
9:36pm Cody Houston vs Casey Stentz
9:46pm Mohammad Mustafa vs John Diggins
9:56pm Julio Diaz Solache vs Carlos Sievert
10:06pm Josh Calvo vs Mark Chappell
10:16pm James Foster vs James Pupopolo

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