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Fight to Win Pro 43

Fight to Win Pro 43
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Tom DeBlass vs Joao Assis

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Main Event
Black Belt No-Gi Heavyweight Title Fight
Tom Deblass (Ocean County BJJ) vs Joao Assis (Checkmat)

210 lb Black Belt No-Gi
Kory Acchione (Madama Jiu-Jitsu) vs Tex Johnson (Unity)

155 lb Black Belt No-Gi
Jeff Lentz (Lentz MMA) vs Thiago Brito (G13)

125 lb Black Belt Gi
Kristian Woodmansee (Atos) vs Chris Noonan (Hive Martial Arts)

165 lb Black Belt No-Gi
Frankie Roberts (Silver Fox BJJ) vs Steven Barnett (Inferno MMA)

210 lb Black Belt Gi
Steve Mathis (Triton Fight Center) vs Radji Bryson-barrett (Team Jucao)

200 lb Black Belt No-Gi
Joseph Kuchta  (Madama Jiu-Jitsu) vs Joseph Marino (Pellegrino Jiu-Jitsu)

180 lb Black Belt No-Gi
Garret Lavaggi (Ocean County BJJ) vs Greg Soto (Precision Jiu-Jitsu)

Heavyweight Black Belt Gi
Eric Johnson (Osagame BJJ) vs Mark Fitzpatrick (Pellegrino MMA)

165 lb Brown Belt Gi
Marcus Johnson (Garden State BJJ) vs Christopher Brookens (Robson Moura)

185 lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Michael Oettinger (Renzo Gracie) vs George Sullivan (Pellegrino MMA)

140 lb Brown Belt Gi
Natalie Bryjova (Diesel Training) vs Caitlin Mcmanus (Savarese BJJ)

170 lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Howard Niego (Renzo Gracie) vs Jay Isip (Pellegrino MMA)

160 lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Nick Manela (Gracie Barra) vs Andrew Branch (AMA Fight Club)

200 lb Brown Belt Gi
Urijah Suarez (Balance) vs Matthew Holthaus (Pellegrino MMA)

150 lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Jason Patton (Martinez BJJ) vs Ashure Elbanna (Dante Rivera BJJ)

135 lb Brown Belt Gi
Kyle Huang (Roots Athletics) vs Tinh Tupy (Pellegrino MMA)

185 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
David Matias Gonzalez (OcBJJ) vs Gui Mitone (Madama)

115 lb Purple Belt Gi
Melissa Feinberg (Triton Fight Center) vs Andrea Jordan (Pellegrino MMA)

160 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Amanda Leve (RaBJJ) vs Brittney Elkin (Easton BJJ)

170 lb Purple Belt Gi
Justin Giove (Inferno MMA) vs Joe Mozden (Balance)

215 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Billy Johnson (Sub Force BJJ) vs Ed Mccay (OcBJJ)

145 lb Purple Belt Gi
Valor Boyer (127 BJJ) vs Chris Tuzeneu (Pellegrino MMA)

155 lb Piurple Belt No-Gi
Andrew Vidal (Brunswick BJJ) vs Nathan Ray (Advanced Martial Arts)

165 lb Purple Belt Gi
Alex Nemeth (Vitor Shaolin BJJ) vs Sean Yadimarco (Savarese BJJ)

175 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Brian Demuro (SjBJJ) vs Ryan Mccarthy (Inferno MMA)

155 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Jesus Malaga (Madama) vs Chris Grusemeyer (Balance) 

Heavyweight Purple Belt Gi
Alan Wright (Bullpen) vs Gil Isabel (Dante Riveria BJJ)

110 lb Blue Belt Gi
Júlia Balmante (Btt) vs Gabby Etzel (the Hive)

165 lb Teen No-Gi
Brian Rast (North Jersey MMA) vs Savion Maranon (Covel BJJ)

70 lb Yellow Belt Gi
Nick Colalilo (Nick Catones MMA) vs Levi Foote (the Hive)
​All times Eastern Standard Time

6:00pm Nick Colalilo vs Levi Foote
6:06pm Brian Rast vs Savion Maranon
6:13pm Julia Balmante vs Gabby Etzel 
6:20pm Brittney Elkin vs Amanda Leve 
6:28pm Immanuel Chang vs Valor Boyer
6:36pm Jesus Malaga vs Erik Quezada
6:44pm Sean Yadimarco vs Alex Nemeth
6:52pm Chris Sodbinow vs Nathan Ray
7:00pm Melissa Feinberg vs Andrea Jordan
7:08pm Brian Demuro vs Ryan Mccarthy
7:16pm Justin Giove vs Joe Mozden
7:24pm Caitlin Mcmanus vs Natalie Bryjova 
7:32pm David Gonzalez vs Guy Mione
7:40pm Kyle Huang vs Tinh Tupy
7:49pm Jason Patton vs Ashure Elbanna
7:58pm Howard Niego vs Jay Isip
8:07pm Nick Manela vs Andrew Branch
8:16pm Urijah Suarez vs Matthew Holthaus
8:25pm Anton Gotsmanov vs Marcus Johnson 
8:34pm Ed Mccay vs Billy Johnson
8:43pm Michael Oettinger vs George Sullivan
8:52pm Garret Lavaggi vs Viktoras Soutas
9:01pm Joseph Kuchta vs Joseph Marino
9:11pm Steve Mathis vs Radji Bryson- Barrett 
9:21pm Wiliam Wolk vs Jeff Lentz
9:31pm Eric Johnson vs Mark Fitzpatrick
9:41pm Kristian Woodmansee vs Chris Noonan 
9:51pm Frankie Roberts vs Steven Barnett
10:01pm Kory Acchione vs Tex Johnson
10:11pm Tom Deblass vs Joao Assis

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