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Fight to Win Pro 44

Fight to Win Pro 44
2016 silver medalist judoka Travis Stevens, who's also a Renzo Gracie black belt in jiu-jitsu, will make his submission-only debut on August 12 vs Yuri Simoes, 2015 ADCC champion and 2016 No-Gi World Champion (weight and absolute).


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Main Event
Travis Stevens (Fuji Gym) Vs Yuri Simoes (CTA)

Co Main Event
Heavyweight Black Belt Gi
Gabriel Gonzaga (Squared BJJ) Vs Shaun Durfee (the Academy)

175 lb Black Belt Gi
Rick Hawn (Professional Martial Arts) Vs Aniss Al-Hajjajy (BTT)

180 lb Black Belt Gi
Robson Mau-mau (GF Team) Vs Vinicius Agudo Silva (Soul Fighters)

165 lb Black Belt Gi
Renan Borges (New England United BJJ) Vs Mike Pellegrino (Mass BJJ)

185 lb Black Belt Gi
Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa (Soul Fighters) Vs Jarod Lawton Team Lawton)

185 lb Black Gi 
Raphael Carneiro (Fenix BJJ) Vs Richard Boucher (Tim Burrill BJJ)

165 lb Black Belt Gi
Rodrgo De Faria (Zenith) Vs Chris Piscione (Team Flo)

145 lb No-Gi
Bruno Braz (Kimura BJJ) Vs Jose Hermoza (BTT)

205 lb Black Belt Gi
Alexandre Bueno De Oliveira (GF Team) Vs Dan Simler (Simmler BJJ)

155 lb Black Belt Gi
Paulo Alex Silva (Broadway Jiu Jitsu) Vs Tiago Ribeiro (New England United BJJ)

170 lb Black Belt Gi
John Murphy (Sbg) Vs Ronaldo Campos (Fenix BJJ)

240 lb No-Gi
Stephen Staite (Icon) Vs Tyler King (Connors MMA)

155 lb Black Belt Gi
Bruno “Jacare” Dias Vs Felipe Simplicio (Soul Fighters)

195 lb Black Belt Gi
Jay Mansfield (Port City BJJ) Vs Paulo Canabarro (Tim Burrill BJJ)

160 lb No-Gi
Peggy Morgan (Triumph) Vs Brittney Elkin (Lovato BJJ)

170 lb Brown Belt Gi
Deric Sullivan (Zenith) Vs Rodrigo Alonso (Gracie Barra)

175 lb Brown Belt Gi
Roman Soboliev (Mass BJJ) Vs Haleem Syed (Renzo Gracie)

155 lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Marlen Lamas (Team Link) Vs Kevin Merill (GF Team)

175 lb Brown Belt Gi 
Michael Bromberg (SBG) Vs Luiz Veloso (Gracie Barra) 

150 lb Purple Belt Gi
Sanderson Fragoso (Fenix BJJ) Vs Erik Johnson (Team Flo)

125 lb Purple Belt Gi
Aya Harris (Absudo) Vs Melanie Yalcinkaya (BTT)

190 lb Purple Belt Gi
Tyler Thibault (Port City BJJ) Vs Peterson Rodrigues (Fenix BJJ)

150 lb Purple Belt Gi 
Andrew Yeadon (Tim Burrill BJJ) Vs Adam Roy (New England United BJJ)

160 lb Purple Belt Gi
Matthew Doucette (Fenix BJJ) Noe Maldonado (GF Team)

180 lb Purple  Belt No-Gi
Trevor Gudde Team Flo) Vs Zach Danesh (North Shore BJJ)

215 lb Purple Belt Gi
Chris White (Fenix BJJ) Vs Adam Holland (Mass BJJ)

195 lb Purple Belt Gi
Joe Nho (Fenix BJJ) Vs Matt Cavanagh (Tim Burrill BJJ)

135 lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Misha Kanai (Mass BJJ) Vs Jack Stapleton (GF Team)

120 lb Blue Belt Gi
Ana Lima (Fenix BJJ) Vs Julia Balmante (BTT)
​All times local (Eastern Standard Time)

6:00 PM Julia Balmante vs Ana Lima
6:07 PM Matt Cavanagh vs Joe NHO
6:15 PM Misha Kanai vs Jack Stapleton 
6:23 PM Trevor Gudde vs Zach Danesh 
6:31 PM Noe Maldonado vs Matthew Doucette
6:39 PM Andrew Yeadon vs Adam Roy
6:47 PM Tyler Thibault vs Peterson Rodrigues
6:55 PM Erik Johnson vs Sanderson Fragoso
7:03 PM Aya Harris vs Melanie Yalcinkaya
7:11 PM Adam Holland vs Chris White
7:19 PM Michael Bromberg vs Luiz Veloso
7:28 PM Roman Soboliev vs Haleem Syed
7:37 PM Kevin Merrill vs Marlen Lamas
7:46 PM Deric Sullivan vs Rodrigo Alonso
7:55 PM Peggy Morgan vs Brittney Elkin 
8:04 PM Bruno Dias vs Felipe Simplicio
8:14 PM Stephen Staite vs Tyler King
8:24 PM Alexandre Bueno De Oliveira vs Dan Simmler
8:34 PM Richard Boucher vs Raphael Carneiro
8:44 PM Bruno Braz vs Jose Hermosa
8:54 PM Robson Mau-Mau vs Vinicius Agudo
9:04 PM Rodrigo De Faria vs Chris Piscione
9:14 PM Paulo Silva vs Ttiago Ribeiro
9:24 PM Jarod Lawton vs Rafael Barbosa
9:34 PM John Murphy vs Ronaldo Campos
9:44 PM Jay Mansfield vs Paulo Canabarro 
9:54 PM Mike Pellegrino vs Renan Borges 
10:04 PM Rick Hawn vs Aniss Al-Hajjajy
10:14 PM Shawn Durfee vs Gabriel Gonzaga
10:24 PM Yuri Simoes vs Travis Stevens

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