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Fight to Win Pro 49

Fight to Win Pro 49
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Featuring a 175lb black belt gi match in the main event: Mark Vives (New Breed Bonsai) vs Cassio Werneck (Cassio Werneck BJJ)

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Main Event: 175lb Black Belt Gi
Mark Vives (New Breed Bonsai) vs Cassio Werneck (Cassio Werneck BJJ)

220lb Black Belt Gi
Thor Kristufek (Tdc) vs Michael Marrello (Alliance)

205lb Black Belt Gi
Tommy Woodruff (Core Combat Sports) vs Will Link (Mcvickers)

200lb Black Belt Gi
Adem Redzovic (Redzovic BJJ) vs Dan Hornbuckle (American Top Team)

190lb Black Belt Gi
Antoine Evans (Fumaca BJJ) vs Lyndon Viteri (Foundation)

185lb Black Belt Gi
Steve Patterson (UGF) vs Matt Leighton (Bonsai)

180lb Black Belt Gi
Jeff Serafin (Serafin BJJ) vs Aiazbek Mustakov (New Breed)

180lb Black Belt Gi
TK Oates (Valko BJJ) vs Sebastian Slupski (Rio BJJ)

170lb Black Belt Gi
Andre 'Maneco' Leite (Soul Fighters) vs Brandon Batchelor (Serafin BJJ)

170lb Black Belt Gi
William Von Hoene (Carlson Gracie) vs Jared Weiner (BJJ United)

160lb Black Belt No-Gi
Alberto Rodriguez (Rio Jiu Jitsu) vs William Wolk (BJJ United)

135lb Black Belt Gi
Anthony Ferro (Uflacker BJJ) vs Joey Diehl (Curran MMA)

200lb Brown Belt Gi
William Hill (Champion Jiu Jitsu) vs Michael Hagl (Uflacker BJJ)

195lb Brown Belt Gi
Jim Fritz (Demian Maia BJJ) vs Ashur Darmo (Bonsai)

165lb Brown Belt Gi
Blake Klassman (Serafin BJJ) vs Caio Oliveira (Soul Fighters)

160lb Brown Belt Gi
Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie) vs Jeff Yumul (Rio Jiu Jitsu)

135lb Brown Belt Gi
Perez Figueroa (Redzovic Jiu Jitsu) vs Gabriel Clarito (New Breed Training Center)

200lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Matt Paul (10th Planet) vs Elias Cepeda (Foundation)

185lb Purple Belt Gi
Nick Spacek (Bonsai) vs Kyle Soumar (Mission Mma)

175lb Purple Belt Gi
Mike Leighton (New Breed) vs Chris Beverley (Curran Mma)

165lb Purple Belt Gi
Daniel Villanueva (LccLCCTt) vs Nikolai Luna (Bonsai)

165lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Chris Orozco (Travis Moore BJJ) vs Joshua Sauseda (Gracie Barra)

160lb Purple Belt Gi
Josh Chavez (Bonsai) vs Jason Chan (Brasa)

145lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Kyle Perkins (Curran MMA) vs Vinicius da silva pereira (Brazil 021)

140lb Purple Belt Gi
Pierre Pires (Soul Fighters) vs Tim Izzo (Brasa)

140lb Purple Belt Gi
Paul Do (Brazil 021) vs Stanton Gavia (Midwest Training Center)

135lb Purple Belt Gi
Lisa Bernau (Carlson Gracie) vs Dania Aj (Brasa)

165lb Teen Blue Belt No-Gi
Brian Boleaga (BMA) vs Thomas Jasinski (Genesis)

95lb Yellow Belt Gi
Kai Calcutt (Bonsai) vs Zain Javan (Soul Fighters)

80lb Yellow Belt Gi
Durango Valles (10th Planet) vs John Pineda Jr (Team Tooke)
All start times based on local time zone (Chicago)

6:00PM John Pineda Jr vs Durango Valles
6:07PM Thomas Jasinki vs Brian Boleaga
6:14PM Zain Javan vs Kai Calcutt 
6:21PM Kyle Perkins vs Vinicius da Silva Pereira
6:29pm Tim Izzo vs Pierre Pires
6:37pm Matt Paul vs Elias Cepeda
6:45pm Chris Beverley vs Mike Leighton
6:53pm Dania AJ vs Lisa Bernau
7:01pm Daniel Villanueva vs Nikolai Luna
7:09pm Stanton Gavia vs Paul Do
7:17pm Jason Chan vs Josh Chavez
7:25pm Chris Orozco vs Josh Sauseda
7:33pm Kyle Soumar vs Nick Spacek
7:41pm Brandon Reilly vs Caio Oliveira
7:50pm Perez Figueroa Jr vs Gabriel Clarito
7:59pm Michael Hagl vs William Hill Sr
8:08pm Aaron Brooks vs Jeff Yumul 
8:17pm Jim Fritz vs Ashur Darmo
8:26pm William Wolk vs Alberto Rodriguez
8:36pm Tommy Woodruff vs Thor Krisufek
8:46pm Gilmar Ferreira vs Leo Perez
8:56pm Nick Calvanese vs Matt Leighton
9:06pm Tk Oates vs Sebastian Slupski
9:16pm Jeff Serafin vs Aiazbek Mustakov
9:26pm Joey Diehl vs Anthony Ferro
9:36pm Jared Weiner vs William Von Hoene
9:46pm Antoine Evans vs Mike Cimm
9:56pm Brandon Batchelor vs Andre Leite
10:06pm Adem Redzovic vs Dan Hornbuckle
10:16pm Cassio Werneck vs Mark Vives

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