Fight to Win Pro 52

Fight to Win Pro 52
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Main Event: 195lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Ricardo Almeida (RABJJ) vs Michael Alexander (Team Lutter)

Co-Main Event
William Wolk (BJJ United Tac Team) vs Baret Yoshida (Baret Submissions)

155lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Wilson Reis (G13 BJJ United Tac Team) vs Bruno Dias (Barbosa BJJ)

230lbs Black Belt Gi
Eric Johnson (Osagame BJJ) vs Drew Puzon (Renzo Gracie BJJ)

190lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Nick Calvanese (BJJ United Tac Team) vs Greg Soto (Precision Jiu Jitsu)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Michael Dipiero (BJJ United Tac Team) vs Brian White (Revolution Academy)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Colin Stewart (World Class Martial Arts) vs Mauro Conte (Balance Studios)

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Jared Weiner (BJJ United Tac Team) vs John Murphy (SBG Boston)

160lbs Black Belt Gi
Will Martinez (Martinez BJJ) vs Pete Shoemaker (Precision Jiu Jitsu)

155lbs Black Belt Gi
Thiago Brito (G13) vs Enrique Galarza (Silver Fox)

207lbs Brown Belt Gi
Steven Wilson (Hellfish) vs Mike Callahan (Revolution Army)

190lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Bassil Hafez (Balance) vs George Hibbs (RABJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kyle Hughes (Balance) vs Matt Kelley (Gracie Humaita)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Brad Simpers (Triple Threat Combat Sports) vs Ryan Thomas (BJJ United)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
Thiago Thomaz (Sas) vs Richard Hernandez (Next Generation team Webb)

165lbs Brown Belt GI
Dylan Royce (Precision Jiu Jitsu) vs Paul Popplewell (Martinez BJJ)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi
Robbie De La Rionda (NJMA) vs Zach Green (Gracie Humaita)

125lbs Brown belt Gi
Jenny Lofaro (Spear BJJ) vs Danielle Kelly (Renzo Gracie)

255lbs Purple Belt Gi
Matt Hill (Maxercise) vs Robert Fitzgerald (Martinez BJJ)

205lbs Puple Belt Gi
Jason Santiago (Maxercise) vs Norm Gagnon (Balance)

195lbs Purple Belt Gi
Will Schulcter (Tac Team BJJ United) vs Dominic Tabita (Balance)

165lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Aroldo Rodas (Padilla BJJ) vs Justin Giove (Inferno MMA)

140lbs Purple Belt
Yara Helmy (Mchugh BJJ) vs Bonnie Autenrieth (zombie BJJ)

140lbs Purple Belt
Morgan Beverley (Roots Athletics) vs Danielle Godjikian (Balance)

135lbs Purple Belt Gi
Kevin Dantzler (Webb BJJ) vs Valor Boyer (127 BJJ)

130lbs Purple Belt GI
Michelle Hunt (Tac Team BJJ United) vs Natalie Boss (Maxercise)

128lbs Purple Belt Gi
Abi Pacinelli (Paramount BJJ united) vs Roxanne Sebeny (Balance)

170lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
Noah Falabella (End Game BJJ) vs Gio Catania (Padilla BJJ)

135lbs Green Belt Gi
Nevaeh Madonna (Martinez BJJ) vs Faith O'Donnell (TLI)

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