Fight to Win Pro 54

Fight to Win Pro 54
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Main Event: 130lbs Black Belt Gi
Danielle Alvarez (Alvarez BJJ) vs Tammi Musumeci (Caio Terra BJJ)

215lbs Black Belt Gi
Mauro Soares (Gracie Barra Tyler) vs Jon Akard (Peak Performance)

185lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Derrick Krantz (Bquick BJJ) vs Igor Pavia (Soul Fighters)

185lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Camron Couch (Mohler MMA) vs KJ Kama (Alvarez BJJ)

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Chris Hoddy (NTMMA) vs Dondi Morgan (EFFA)

180lbs Black Belt Gi
Michael Foster (Alliance BJJ) vs Leonardo Machado (BTT)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Jose Llanas (Team Tooke) vs Albert Hughes (Genesis)

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Eddie Saenz (Lovato BJJ) vs Andre Maneco Leite (Soul Fighters)

155lbs Black Belt Gi
Renato Tavares (Renato Tavares BJJ) vs Bobby Pena (Infinite Dynasty)

140lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Randy Villarreal (LOH) vs Ivaniel Oliveira (Checkmat)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
Bobby Alexander (Team Lutter) vs Alex Lane (Pablo Silva BJJ)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
Edmaicon Moraes (Gracie Gym Plano) vs Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
TBA vs Vinny Saenz (Lovato BJJ)

155lbs Female Brown Belt Title
Chelsah Lyons (Marcelo Garcia BJJ) vs Tara White (Carlson Gracie)

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
Tony Trammell (Convo Martial Arts) vs Flaco Flores (AMBJJ)

200lbs Brown Belt Gi
Mike Anderson (Shebaro Jiu Jitsu) vs Ryan Kovach (Goliath Jiu Jitsu)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jack Garrett (Peak Performance) vs Kevin Holland (Phalanx)

175lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Michael Torres (RCJ) vs Jay Shellhammer (AMBJJ)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi
Mario Espindola (Renato Tavares BJJ) vs Christian Duran (Peak Performance)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi
Dan Ostrowski (Peak Performance) vs Colin Nichols (Gracie Barra)

185lbs Purple Belt Title
Felipe Timoteo (CheckMat) vs Zach Coffee (Lovato BJJ)

265lbs Purple Belt GI
Marc Botindari (Gracie Gym) vs Kenny Gunter (Genesis)

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Martin Rojas (Watkins Martial Arts) vs Aaron Culpepper (Mohler)

185lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Dakota Ranallo (EFFA) vs Timberlin Shanks (Ground Kings)

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Wes Arnold (Mohler BJJ) vs Cody Vu (Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Bo Montier (Magness BJJ) vs Mark Francescutti (Octagon MMA)

145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jami Nelson (Caio Terra BJJ) vs Audrey Drew (Checkmat)

135lbs Purple Belt Gi
Catherine Dougan (Ironside) vs Karmen Kercheval (Alvarez BJJ)

148lbs Blue Belt Gi
Seth Kaelin (RKBJJ) vs Sebastian Salazar (All American MMA)

77lbs yellow Belt Gi
Amanda Lopez (Genesis Jiu Jitsu) vs Noelani Almogela (Cobrinha)

62lbs Yellow Belt Gi
Bryce Barron (316 BJJ) vs Michael Brennan (Checkmat)

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