Fight To Win Pro 48

Fight To Win Pro 48 took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sept. 22.
?Black Belt Results
Matt Vernon defeats Marcio Navarro Cross Choke SOTN
Todd Ryan defeats Andrew Todhunter Split Decision FOTN
Luis Rubalcava defeats Kelly Rundle Choke 
Santos Vargas defeats Daniel Hauenstein inside heel hook
Jeff Lindsey defeats Steven Hudson Decision 
Brad Jepsen defeats David Grayson Heel Hook

?Brown Belt Results
Hunter Colvin defeats Daniel Roberts RNC to become NEW F2WPRO Brown Belt Nogi Middle Weight Champion SOTN
Edgar Francisco Escalante defeats Chris Hutchison Armbar FOTN
Benjamin Nepveux defeats Jimmy Flick Clock Choke
Jose Loera defeats David Miller Heel Hook 
Tavares Collins defeats Andrew Daugherty Decision

?Purple Belt Results
Corbin Crisp defeats Canaan Grigsby Heel Hook SOTN
Josh Pulsifer defeats Marshall Troy Decision 
Mariangel French defeats Taylor Segovia Decision 
Nate Lorentino defeats Michael Branscum Armbar 
Brittney Olinda Elkin defeats Mo Simms Armbar
Randy Ray defeats Andy Nguyen Split Decision 
Freddie Burnett defeats Brock Kennedy Split Decision 
Bink Knox defeats Split Decision Derrick Adkins 
Jordan Langston defeats Wade Mcgrew Heel Hook
Michael Rector defeats Jeff French armbar
Connor Dibler defeats Derrick Adkins Decision

?Teen & Kids Reuslts
Tristan Russell defeats Bryce Burdick Split Decision FOTN
Hannah Harjo defats Kayli Barret Split decision 
Joshua Patino defeats Bobby Burke Triangle Armbar SOTN
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