Rolling in Rio: Luciano Queiroz, GFTeam Black Belt, Battling In +100f Heat

The latest installment in our ‘Rolling in Rio’ series features GF Team black belt Luciano Queiroz, a featherweight competitor from Rio de Janeiro.

Rolling with a very tough blue belt training partner, Luciano and his teammate battle it out for six long minutes in +40ºc heat (104ºf).

Watch out for:
1.25: Baiting a choke / armbar to escape a pesky lasso in the bicep
1.45: Berimbolo leads to a hard fought back take at around 2.00
2.55: Bow and arrow attempt – from standing!
3.35: Second bow and arrow attempt, but amazing escape that leads to…
3.50: Crab ride to rolling back take attempt
3.59: The blue belt fires back with his own back take attempt, all starting from the 50-50
4.20: Long legs are useful for simple 2 point sweeps like this
4.30: Solid pressure from the leg drag position. Keep an eye on the grips
5.00: Who said 50-50 is for stalling?! Not in this gym!
5.15: Clever use of the brabo lapel grip to smash from top and pass
5.35: Never forget your basics! Simple choke from mount still works.

Filmed at Top Brothers Academy, Recreio in Rio de Janeiro

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