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133. F2W Returns With First Event Of 2021!

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Fight To Win Returns With First Event Of 2021! | WNO Podcast (Ep. 133)

Jan 14, 2021

John Combs is one of very few black marks on William Tackett’s professional grappling record. Combs is the only person who has submitted Tackett in regulation since at least 2019.

Tackett will have an opportunity to redeem that loss this weekend, in the main event at Fight to Win 160, when the biggest party in grappling opens its 2021 season in Miami on Saturday, Jan. 16.

Fight To Win 160 will also feature:

  • Jonnatas Gracie vs Hugo Marques
  • Pedro Marinho vs Gabriel Almeida
  • Frank Rosenthal vs Mauricio Gomez
  • Justin Rennick vs JZ Cavalcante
  • Junny Ocascio vs Adam Ferrara
  • and more!