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Jamil Hill-Taylor Wants to Become the Best Featherweight of All-Time

Dec 4, 2018

The IBJJF 2018 featherweight World Champion, Jamil Hill-Taylor from TLI, joined the FloGrappling staff for a candid discussion on all things jiu-jitsu.  One of the topics broached was Jamil's desire to not simply be a one-hit wonder, and but become the GOAT of the featherweight division. 

"If you asked me my goals 2-3 years ago, you would never have heard me say, 'I want to win Worlds at Black Belt.'  I would always say that 'I wanted to be the best featherweight black belt ever."

….It was never just one. I didn’t want to win the just one and disappear into the sunset. I think Rafa or Cobrinha has the most titles at five, six. I want seven. I want eight.  Every year I compete I want to win the World Championship.  

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