picture of Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover is a jiu-jitsu black belt from California. Glover is an unorthodox and enigmatic competitor known as as the creator of the "donkey guard." Glover is an ADCC bronze-medalist, and was the first American Competitor to win gold at the IBJJF No-Gi World Championships.

W/L Methods


Submission W/L Methods

Submission MethodWinsLosses
Bow and Arrow10
Heel Hook10

Match History

L A. Mendes Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 25 Light Featherweight2017
L C. Mendes Replay RNC Chael Sonnen Presents Submission Underground 3 2017
W J. Rader Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 11 150lbs2016
D B. Malfacine N/A - DrawMetamoris VII2016
WB. JakeBow and Arrow2015 Guatemala Open2015
WD. HortegasHeel Hook2015 ADCC World Championships-66kgs2015
L G. Martinez Points2015 ADCC World Championships-66kgs2015
D B. Yoshida N/A - DrawMetamoris IV2014
L C. Terra ArmbarMetamoris I2012