picture of Jessie Crane

Jessie Crane is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt from Dallas, TX. Born on September 7, 2001, Crane trains under Marcus Antelante and represents Ares BJJ. She is a two time blue belt Worlds gold medalist, a blue belt No-Gi Worlds champion, and a purple belt No-Gi Worlds silver medalist.

W/L Methods

Split Decision01

Submission W/L Methods

Submission MethodWinsLosses
Bow and Arrow10

Match History

WA. Holy Replay Points 2020 Third Coast Grappling 5 2020
W A. Tetterton Replay Bow and Arrow Fight to Win 152 120lbs2020
L L. Sears Replay Split Decision Fight to Win 148 125lbs2020
W J. Stemple Replay RNC 2020 WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Kyle Boehm 125lbs2020