picture of Vinicius Agudo

W/L Methods

Split Decision10

Submission W/L Methods

Submission MethodWinsLosses
Straight Ankle Lock10
Brabo Choke01
Choke From the Back01
Bow and Arrow01

Match History

W D. Santana Replay Points 2020 KASAI Pro 7 170lbs2020
W V. Garcia Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 104 180lbs2019
W E. Ramos Replay Split Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 87 170lbs2018
W R. Mau Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 44 180lbs2017
W J. Hunter Replay Toehold Fight 2 Win Pro 35 175lbs2017
L D. Jackson Replay Brabo Choke Fight 2 Win Pro 29 175lbs2017
W M. Foster Replay Straight Ankle Lock Fight 2 Win Pro 22 175lbs2017
W R. Pinheiro Replay Decision Fight 2 Win Pro 15 185lbs2016
L J. Loureiro Choke From the Back 2016 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Middleweight2016
L D. Jackson Points2015 IBJJF World NoGi ChampionshipsMiddleweight2015
WP. SchonToehold2015 IBJJF World NoGi ChampionshipsMiddleweight2015
L G. Cutis Other2015 IBJJF Pan American ChampionshipMiddleweight2015
L Y. Simões Bow and Arrow2015 IBJJF Pan American ChampionshipAbsolute Division2015
LV. HenriqueChoke2014 NY BJJ ProMiddleweight2014