Aug 17
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Matheus Diniz Is Eager To Run It Back With Hinger At KASAI

Aug 7, 2019

Matheus Diniz will take on Josh Hinger in a much anticipated super-fight at KASAI Pro 6 on August 17th. These two men have met before and every-time it's been an incredible matchup that always comes down to the wire. And although Matheus has been on the losing end, this time Hinger will be stepping into Diniz's world. 

Watch KASAI Pro 6 LIVE or On-Demand right here on FloGrappling.com August 17th

All the way back at KASAI Pro 2, Matheus Diniz impressively worked his way through the middleweight tournament and came out on top of the stacked lineup. Although the belt won't be on the line next Saturday night Diniz is eager to make this match different than the rest.

I really enjoy when a crowd is watching. I really enjoy when people are around, the lights and everything. That's why I like... Worlds is the funnest competition for me. It's so many people, the environment when people are yelling, and people are around, it's close to my hometown in New York. It's definitely like will give a little bit that extra push. Definitely.

Reid Connell:       All right. Yeah. You wanted to talk a little bit about the KASAI Pro 6 you got coming up. You're no stranger to KASAI. You've competed on the KASAI stage before. You've competed on a lot of big shows, a lot of big tournaments and things. What's it like to compete on the KASAI stage for you? What was that experience like?

Matheus Diniz:      It's, like you say, it's like any another tournament. I'm always going to be prepared, always going to be ready. It's fun, a big crowd. I never been to Atlantic City. I'm very excited, and excited to compete against Josh again. He's a amazing competitor. Is always fun to compete against him. Is always a battle. It's like other tournament.

Reid Connell:       Are you the type of competitor, the type of person, that shines under the bright light? That likes those bright lights?

Matheus Diniz:      I really enjoy when a crowd watching. I really enjoy when people are around, the lights and everything. That's why I like... Worlds is the funnest competition for me. It's so many people, the environment and definitely... Yeah. When people are yelling, and people are around, it's close to my hometown. Push in New York It's definitely like a... Make a... Give a little bit that extra push. Definitely.

Reid Connell:       You won the middle weight tournament, of course. Great, great event that was. Great performance that was. What do you remember most about winning that middle weight strap?

Matheus Diniz:      It was a tough tournament, of course. I wish... Unfortunately a couple names got dropped out. I wish it was a... It's very fun when way more tough people's in the bracket. You know? But it was awesome.

Matheus Diniz:      You know, I don't try to remember what happened there. I try always think about the future, but it was amazing. The event amazing, because I always bring... make great events.

Matheus Diniz:      Oh. I remember it's just, I would try to do the same thing, go forward and try do my best. You know? Going to try, find a submission, try push forward. That's all.

Reid Connell:       How did you get involved with KASAI Pro 6, here? How did this materialize?

Matheus Diniz:      Pretty much like every superfight happen. We were try and make a couple of super fights before, but didn't happen. We weren't able to make it. When I was pushed by Warden, unfortunately didn't happen. Since then... Then he just text me like, "Oh. You want to get a fight against Josh?" I was, "Oh!" I didn't even thought twice. I was, "Hell yeah!"

Matheus Diniz:      I say it again. Josh is amazing fighter, amazing competitor, really good person. I really, really liked Josh. I'm really, really excited for this one. It's going to be a scrap like always is, [crosstalk 00:02:34] like always been.

Reid Connell:       Josh is somebody you've competed against before, right?

Matheus Diniz:      Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Twice.

Reid Connell:       I'm not sure. Was it just once?

Matheus Diniz:      Twice. We went at World's twice. Yeah, he beat me twice. Yeah. Yeah. He beat me twice. Oh, 2016 and last year. It'd be tw... It was always close matches, but Josh really tough. Let me tell you, if you can give space for him, he's a really, really good competitor. I'm really excited for this one.

Reid Connell:       What do you think about his game? What impresses you about Josh's game?

Matheus Diniz:      It's... He's really tight. His game when he start put positions on you, it's hard to come back from them. He doesn't give you space. It's really, really impressive. He keep it tight. It's kind of like... It feels like he have a guil... He grabs you, it's hard to disconnecting from him. It's the kind of game you cannot really not give him a lot of space. You always worry about your neck, submissions, it's tough to fight someone like that. When submissions can come from everywhere.

Matheus Diniz:      It's not just one specific thing. You always worry about, "If I give space he's going to get tight, and he's going to start getting his position. It's really, really tough fight against him, but I'm definitely prepared for this one, like I was for the others. I'm really, really excited and looking forward for this match.

Reid Connell:       Yeah. The match in 2018  World's, one of the best matches of the year, a fantastic match, back and forth. At first it was... Maybe you can actually explain. Talk about that match a little bit.

Matheus Diniz:       Yeah. First, like I say, he is a killer, give space. I got a little bit comfortable, was standing with him. He got those under hooks. He's really good at it. I was comfortable, trying to get out. Then he's lying on my back, took me down. Then he end up getting like eight points. Then, I was able to get out of his back.

Matheus Diniz:       Then, I took him down, and I was able to pass and then it was, by the end, was eight, five. Then, I tried to get him into submission, but he's really tough. He was able to get out. I think I let go because I want to try... I knew he wasn't going to tap. I was, "Oh. I got to score three more points."

Matheus Diniz:       I tried putting you on the belly. I try a mount, but he was able to control. Then, the the round finish, so he end up winning. Like I say, he's always close match, so I'm really excited and looking forward to this one.

Reid Connell:      Did you feel like, if you had a little bit more time that, that could've been your match?

Matheus Diniz:       I don't think like that, because like I should have done before, I should not let him score like that. Definitely if he had a... I'm not say I would win, but would be good to have a little bit more extra time. Would be really good, but unfortunately didn't had, and unfortunately I let him score first. Like I say, it's tough to give... If you give him a little bit of space, man, it's tough to come back from that, but I'm prepared for this one.

Matheus Diniz:       Hopefully I win this one. I'm really prepared. Like I say, I was very prepared for the other ones as well, but I'm prepared for is one and I'm excited. I'm looking forward to it as well.

Reid Connell:      Nice. KASAI, of course you know, you've been on it a couple times, KASAI has just exploded. A really great event. A lot of people watching, of course live. A lot of people watching on Flow Grappling. What can the fans expect, watching our home? What can the fans expect from Matheus Diniz?

Matheus Diniz:       Everybody... It's tough to say. I just got to say, same as I'm always competing. I'm always going forward. I'm always... I'm not trying to be bored. Sometimes you've got to think a little bit more, before I act. That's what I'm saying, not just about me. I think the card is amazing. They have Yuri, two times ADCC Champion.

Matheus Diniz:       They have Kaynan. He's the heavyweight champion. That kid is fly. He's really, really good. They have [inaudible 00:06:37] from our gym as well. I think we have Tom Deblass. The card is going to be... They always bring a great card for everyone. KASAI always try make it exciting matches, bring exciting fighters.

Matheus Diniz:       I think you guys can expect a lot of great matches, because all the guys thats going there, is all the guys who likes to fight. I'm really excited, really, really excited.

Reid Connell:      Could I get you to make a prediction on how you think the match goes between Josh-

Matheus Diniz:       Oh. I don't... I'm not good at that. I think I'm going to win. That's it. Like everybody, I mean that's what I think. Everyone who's going to compete, they expecting to win. I'm expecting to win and I expect to be an amazing fight. I'm not good at predictions. I just think I'm going to win.

Reid Connell:      Are you impressed with what KASAI has done in a short-

Matheus Diniz:       Oh. Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy, the short of time. I think they making a lot of noise. They bring a lot of great matches. A lot of Greg guys are competing. On Alaska side, they have [inaudible 00:07:38] Lee panner. They have a bunch of good guys competing. That card was crazy, the last card. That 145 card was crush.... All the cards, they make is really, really tough. They bring the best of the best. I'm really excited to be on this one again. One more KASAI.

Reid Connell:      Right. Do you know, is it for the middle weight title, or not?

Matheus Diniz:       I was in Brazil for two weeks. I don't... It'd be really tough for me to make 185. It would be really tough. If they want to give the bell and I'm cool with that too. It's going to be 190. Just in case I don't make 185. I was in Brazil for two weeks, so I'm not sure. I don't think so. I wouldn't mind to.

Reid Connell:      We saw you training a little earlier today. You're going to be training tonight, with ADCC coming up as well. How has training, here at Marcelle's been going?

Matheus Diniz:       Like you guys see, and like everybody seen before, the trainer, he's always consistent. We always train gi, no gi, whatever. Definitely for ADCC, it's same as World's, the same as a big tournament.

Matheus Diniz:       You push a little more. I'm doing a lot of different things lately. I'm going for sports psychiatrists. I'm doing a lot of wrestling more, but not wrestling focus. I'm trying a, "Don't forget about the Jujitsu." Like in wrestling with Jujitsu. I'm doing a lot of different things. Also the trainer, he's going crazy. A lot of good guys here are helping me. The teams, it's growing, growing, getting bigger and bigger.

Matheus Diniz:       Of course, I get the greatest, is here with us. That helps a lot. That give us way more confidence. The training's going amazing, like always. I'm really... I'm going to be this year, extra prepared. I'm excited as well.