picture of 2019 IBJJF Heavyweight Grand Prix

Completed, Aug 24, 2019

Relive all of the action from the 2019 IBJJF Heavyweight Grand Prix, featuring Cyborg, Joao Gabriel Rocha, Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa and more!

Cyborg Dominates Heavyweight GP

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Highlight: Roberto Cyborg Abreu Dominates the Heavyweight Grand Prix

Aug 26, 2019

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu went against eight titans during the 2019 Heavyweight Grand Prix to ultimately win $40,000. 

Along the way, he dominated Atos superstar, Lucas Barbosa, and later met Joao Gabriel in the finals. Watch our highlight of what was the most electrifying event of the weekend and a great precursor to ADCC. 

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