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May 27

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Lucas 'Hulk' Barbosa | WNO Podcast Ep. 62

May 15, 2020

One of today’s leading competitors, Lucas ‘HULK’ Barbosa finally made his debut on the WNO Podcast. Barbosa shared what it was like to come up as an athlete from the northernmost part of Brazil and grind his way through the colored ranks, to making the move to USA and joining the legendary Atos Squad. 

Topics Discussed

Kickoff: What's Hulk Been Up To In Brazil  During Quarantine

5mins: Traning In Manaus As  An Orange Belt

7mins: Hulks Introduction To Jiu-Jitsu

11mins: Challenge Matches In Manaus 

21mins: Erberth Secretly Signs Up Hulk For The Absolute

28mins: Training At Marcio Rodriguez - Building An Elite Colored belt team

38 min: The first time Hulk Went To Worlds

45 min: Moving To Atos

57 min: Match Breakdowns

75 min: Which Fighter Would Hulk Want To Face If He Had A Time Machine