picture of 2021 FloGrappling Road to ADCC

Jul 18, 2021

Watch FloGrappling Road to ADCC live exclusively on FloGrappling, where the world's best no-gi grapplers will compete in special superfights under ADCC rules. Featuring a battle of the 2019 ADCC champions Kaynan Duarte (+99kg) vs Matheus Diniz (88kg). PLUS Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, vs William Tackett, Ana Carolina Vieira vs Elisabeth Clay, Mikey Musumeci vs Geo Martinez, Nicky Ryan vs Dante Leon and Roberto Jimenez vs Kade Ruotolo.


Mikey Musumeci Gets Win vs Geo Martinez, Drama Ensues

Jul 20, 2021

Generally speaking, bad blood gets left on the mat and competitors will shake hands and embrace the match is over. Not so in this case. Mikey won 6-0 after a terrific technical scrap that lived up to expectations, and they briefly shook hands before the hand raise but their conversation (which we could not hear) continued and it was clear that nothing had been resolved.

Musumeci unleashed a tirade at Geo in his post-match interview, saying Geo’s behavior was unsportsmanlike and calling him “low class”, and saying he has zero respect for him as a person. Geo pulled no punches in the backstage interview shortly after the match, calling Mikey fake and “an asshole, just like me”.