picture of 2021 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

Completed, Sep 1-5

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Black Belt Finals Results & Recap | 2021 IBJJF Pans

Sep 6, 2021

Commentators Hywel and Kendall reflect on an action-packed day and discuss the black belts who were crowned champions at 2021 Pans.

Roosterweight: Cicero Lívio Ribeiro def Hiago Gama 

Light-featherweight: Diego Oliveira def Pedro Dias 

Featherweight: Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor def Gabriel Sousa

Lightweight: Johnatha Alves def Lucas Valente

Middleweight: Tainan Dalpra def Yago de Souza

Medium-heavyweight: Andre Porfirio def Pedro Marinho

Heavyweight: Gustavo Batista def Adam Wardzinski

Super-heavyweight: Fellipe Andrew def Guilherme Augusto 

Ultra-heavyweight: Victor Hugo def Rodrigo Martins 

Absolute: Fellipe Andrew def Gustavo Batista

Roosterweight: Lavinia Barbosa def Jessa Khan 

Light-featherweight: Ana Rodrigues def Mayssa Bastos

Featherweight: Bianca Basilio def Gabrielle McComb 

Lightweight: Nathalie Ribeiro def Margot Ciccarelli 

Middleweight: Luiza Monteiro def Andressa Cintra 

Medium-heavyweight: Ana Carolina Vieira def Elisabeth Clay

Heavyweight: Maria Malyjasiak def Melissa Cueto 

Super-heavyweight: Gabrieli Pessanha def Yara Soares

Absolute: Yara Soares def Ana Carolina Vieira