picture of Kennedy Maciel

Kennedy Maciel is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who competes in the featherweight division. The son of two-time ADCC champion Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles, Maciel is often nicknamed "Cobrinha Jr.". Maciel is a 2019 ADCC silver medalist and a 2020 IBJJf Pan No-Gi champion. He was born in Sao Carlos, Brazil on January 2, 1997. He lives and trains in Los Angeles, CA and represents the Alliance team.


Erich Munis Explica Por Que Ele Não Gosta de Lutar Com Amigos Depois De Ele Ganhou O Mundial

Jun 6, 2022

O campeão de super pesado explica os sentimentos de lutar contra amigos da equipe.