The Official FloGrappling Male Gi Rankings

Pound-For-Pound Male Black Belt Ranking

Following a grand slam in 2024 with gold medals at Euros, Pans, Brasileiros and Worlds, Mica Galvao rightfully takes his position at the top of the P4P ranking.

Jun 10NameTeamCountryPrev
1Mica GalvaoMelqui Galvao JJBRA2
2Gustavo BatistaAtosBRANR
3Erich MunisFratresBRA7
4Diego "Pato" OliveiraArt Of Jiu-JitsuBRA5
5Jansen GomesCheckmatBRANR
6Meyram MaquineFratresBRANR
7Adam WardzinskiCheckmatPOL
8Yatan BuenoDream ArtBRA9
9Anderson MunisFratres JJBRANR
10Jackson NagaiCheckmatBRANR