2019 FloGrappling No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Rankings

Pound-For-Pound No-Gi Rankings, July 2019

How we determine the rankings

We use a number of criteria when judging how the rankings should look. 

1. Activity: If you've not been active within the last calendar year, you don't get on the list. That's why ADCC champions– who were crowned in September 2017– don't appear. 

2. Accomplishments: Titles matter, and some more than most. For example, a World No-Gi Championship gold medal generally places an athlete at the top of the ranking. We consider all major no-gi tournaments, events such as ADCC Trials, and superfight promotions such as Fight 2 Win. 

3. Head-to-Head Results: a grappler may have won a gold medal in an important event, but he can drop in the rankings if he has lost since then. This means superfight results can elevate a grappler over a tournament winner if the result and method of victory was significant. 

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