2019 FloGrappling No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Rankings

Pound-For-Pound No-Gi Rankings, September 2019

No-Gi Pans is wrapped up and Keenan taking the open class was the big story there, he however lost to Vinicius Ferreira in his weight so Ferreira also enters the rankings. Gianni Grippo slides after losing in the semifinal of his weight at Pans, Paulo Miyao and Murilo Santana move up after No-Gi Pans gold.

How we determine the rankings

We use a number of criteria when judging how the rankings should look. 

1. Activity: If you've not been active within the last calendar year, you don't get on the list. That's why ADCC champions– who were crowned in September 2017– don't appear. 

2. Accomplishments: Titles matter, and some more than most. For example, a World No-Gi Championship gold medal generally places an athlete at the top of the ranking. We consider all major no-gi tournaments, events such as ADCC Trials, and superfight promotions such as Fight 2 Win. 

3. Head-to-Head Results: a grappler may have won a gold medal in an important event, but he can drop in the rankings if he has lost since then. This means superfight results can elevate a grappler over a tournament winner if the result and method of victory was significant. 

Athletes: If you would like to change anything about your info in the rankings please contact Michael Sears through email at michael.sears@flosports.tv or on Instagram @jiujitsuphotography.

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