2019 Male Brown Belt Gi Rankings


We have a solid idea of who has been promoted post Worlds and it is time to update the brown belt rankings, this time with a first ever edition of weight class rankings to go with the previously done pound-for-pound rankings.

The Munis brothers dominated at purple this year and were easy choices for the top spots at brown belt in their weights and the P4P. Erich won the double grand slam at purple in 2019 and closed out the Worlds absolute with his younger brother Anderson.

Purple belt World champ and third at the open class Conor Deangelis takes the third spot in the rankings. Lucas Gualberto won both Euros and Brasileiro this year at brown and finished third at Pans and Worlds.

Rounding out the top five is Tarik Hopstock from Norway, who finished third at the Worlds brown belt open class. 

Athletes: If you have been promoted, changed teams or would like to change anything about your info in the rankings please contact Michael Sears through email at michael.sears@flosports.tv or on Instagram @jiujitsuphotography.

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