2020 FloGrappling Black Belt Gi Rankings


Some tough decisions here, mainly about what to do with Kaynan Duarte in the rankings in the aftermath of his USADA suspension. While many think he should be removed completely, he was technically only stripped of his Worlds title and still a Spyder, Pans, Euros and World Pro champ in the last year. Whether people don't believe he was clean during those tournaments is irrelevant, he was not tested there and there is no proof either way.

I however think it sets a bad precedent to have athletes ranked while currently serving a doping suspension in any case, and I'm removing Kaynan's name until his suspension is lifted on June 2nd, 2020.

More big news in the P4P rankings were the results of the Who's # 1 superfights, where Victor Hugo defeated Nicholas Meregali in the main event and Roberto Jimenez took out Keenan Cornelius in his black belt debut. Victor already had big wins at black belt and enters the top five here, as Roberto only has one fight at black belt still I'll only rank him at his weight until he has more results at this level.

Weight class updates coming later this week.

Questions regarding rankings please contact @michaelwsears on Instagram.

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