2020 FloGrappling Jiu-Jitsu in MMA Ranking

FloGrappling Jiu-Jitsu in MMA Ranking

It is a time to both celebrate and to pay respects. While one jiu-jitsu great affirms his position at the top of the Jiu-Jitsu in MMA Ranking, another departs due to his enforced retirement. 

Rafael Lovato Jr., one of the most successful American black belts of all time, was one of the best representatives of the gentle art fighting MMA. The undefeated former Bellator middleweight champion was ranked no.8 before abruptly announcing his retirement from MMA due to a rare and little-understood medical condition. 

While one respected grappler steps aside, another continues his dominance in the ring. ADCC champion, IBJJF World champion and Abu Dhabi World Pro champion Rodolfo Vieira scored his sixth submission win in seven professional fights with an arm-triangle choke versus the Russian Saparbek Safarov. 

Who is ranked, and why

First off, to explain how we decided who should be ranked. You won't see names like Brian Ortega or Charles Oliveira even though they are submission machines, because they are not "jiu-jitsu" guys... they are MMA guys who are good at jiu-jitsu. This keeps the ranking focused on names from the world of grappling who crossed over into MMA. 

How did you calculate the ranking?

It's not just about the wins or losses– the ranking is designed so that it rewards grappling performance. 

To rank the athletes we created a series of formulas that assign them scores. We calculated a "jiu-jitsu score" that reflects their titles and achievements in grappling (ADCC titles, World titles, etc). 

This score is then adjusted based on their MMA win-loss record, with a focus on submission finishes. We looked at their overall submission rate– which we consider to be a strong indicator of their success in the ring. This percentage was based on their total number of fights– not just in the fights that they won. 

How can fighters improve their ranking?

Their point score will go up and down every time they have a fight– if they finish fights via submission, their score will increase. If they fight and lose, their score will go down. If they continue to win grappling titles at the same time, then likewise their overall score will go up.

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