ADCC Trials Winners Power Rankings (2021-22 Season)

ADCC Trials Winners Power Ranking (2021-22 Season)

**Update June 21, 2022: The ADCC Trials have concluded, as the seventh event of the season took place in Sydney, Australia on June 18. The following list ranks all 43 of the trials winners who earned an invitation to the 2022 ADCC World Championships based on how they performed among the division they won. Stay tuned for future deviations of this list, which will account for "strength of schedule" and other variables.

Every ADCC trials winner has earned their ticket to ADCC. But who had the most dominant performances?

This power ranking analyzes each trials winner based on how well they performed at each of the ADCC trials they entered in hopes of winning a ticket to Las Vegas in September. Mica Galvao and Kade Ruotolo, for instance, earned their spot in the first try, while Fabricio Andrey needed two tries. Andrey, and others like him, are ranked based on all of their matches in every trials they entered.

The top criteria for ranking is submission rate, meaning those few who submitted all of their opponents appear at the top. The second criteria is average match length: fast submissions and wins in regulation earn a higher ranking than athletes who often went to overtime. The third criteria is record; athletes who won deep divisions, or performed well at multiple trials get ranked more highly than athletes who had only a few matches. The final criterium are points for and against, penalizing athletes who often went to 0-0 decision and rewarding athletes who have demonstrated a mastery of scoring in the tricky ADCC ruleset.

This ranking does not take into consideration the difficulty of each athlete's path to ADCC trials gold. So athletes like Cole Abate and Kade Ruotolo who had to get through a series of ranked athletes are not being rewarded for strength of schedule in this particular ranking. This chart is specifically analyzing which athletes were most dominant in their individual routes to victory.

These rankings will be updated after each ADCC trials.

NOTE: These rankings do not include the female athletes who won an ADCC event in which they did not qualify for ADCC, so athletes like Kendall Reusing and Brianna Ste-Marie will not appear on this list. However, their stats from the first trials will be counted if they qualify in the second trials.

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