WNO Fastest Submissions

Fastest Chokes On WNO

Jozef Chen cracked the top-10 fastest chokes at WNO 24, submitting Elijah Dorsey at 5:39 into their match, beating out Andrew Tackett's rear naked choke over Rene Sousa by 18 seconds to take the 10th spot in the rankings.

Still nothing tops Luke Griffith's rear naked choke in his Tezos WNO debut, which holds the no.1 spot in fastest chokes by more than a minute. Kaynan Duarte, Jacob Couch and Haisam Rida have all scored chokes in under five minutes.

1Luke Griffith0:01:27Rear Naked ChokeJoe Dierkhising3/25/2022
Men's Heavyweight
2Andrew Tackett0:01:52Rear Naked ChokeTroy Russell8/10/2023Men's 170
3Kaynan Duarte0:02:28Rear Naked ChokeRodolfo Vieira12/11/2020
Men's Heavyweight
4Jacob Couch0:02:29GuillotineBruno Matias11/11/2022Men's 185
5Haisam Rida0:04:25Rear Naked ChokeElder Cruz3/25/2022Men's 205
6Cassia Moura0:04:33Rear Naked ChokeJessie Crane5/10/2024Women's 125
7Diogo Reis0:04:38Anaconda ChokeShay Montague5/10/2024Men's 145
8Kade Ruotolo0:05:14Buggy chokeCole Franson6/18/2021
Catchweight (165)
9Nicholas Meregali0:05:15Mounted TrianglePedro Marinho5/18/2023
Men's Heavyweight Gi
10Jozef Chen0:05:39Rear Naked ChokeElijah Dorsey6/20/2024Men's 170