Fight to Win Pro 34
Denver, CO
May 12, 2017
Show Results

Fight to Win Pro wrapped up another exciting event in its hometown of Denver on Friday night, and when it was all finished, “King” Gordon Ryan continued his reign.

Watch the full event replay here

Ryan, who was facing Eliot Kelly, was cut above his eye early on in the match, but was later able to finish the fight early with a triangle-armbar after multiple previous submission attempts.

The co-main event, which featured Jared Dopp against Eliot Marshall, ended with Marshall getting the win by unanimous decision after an omoplata and heel hook attempt.

In another highly anticipated match of the evening, teen Nicky Ryan submitted purple belt Derek Alumbaugh in just thirteen seconds with a heel hook.

The next Fight to Win Pro event will take place in Dallas, Texas on May 20

Black Belts 
Gordon Ryan defeats Eliot Kelly via armbar (submission of the night) – watch video
Eliot Marshall defeats Jared Dopp via decision – watch video
Nick Honstein defeats Alvin Robinson via split decision (fight of the night)
Rodrigo Antunes defeats Angelo Swimmer via decision
Vellore Caballero defeats Henry Matamoros via decision
Hayward Charles defeats Gilbert Smith via triangle 
Rossie Snow defeats Jennifer Recinos via decision

Brown Belts
Vanessa Wexler defeats Gabby Romero via decision 
Don Westman defeats Jeremiah Talley via split decision 
Eric Coe defeats Brandon Russell via ezekiel choke 
Seth Daniels defeats Jeremy Adler via twister (submission of the night)
Jeremy Hastings defeats Steele McCall via decision 
Jeremy Wynia defeats Mike Martin via decision (fight of the night)

Purple belt results 
Nicky Ryan defeats Derek Alumbaugh via heel hook 
Mo Black defeats Abi Pacinelli via head and arm choke (fight of the night)
Joseph MacKinnon defeats Joseph Clark via decision
Michael George defeats Robert lamorie via lapel choke 
Troy Everett defeats Lewi Gault via guillotine 
Gurusahai Good defeats Ashley Bilak via straight ankle lock 
Fabiana Jorge defeats Cassie Robb via d'arce choke 
Vance Barksdale defeats Sean Speer via bunny choke (Winner of $3000 Muscle Pharm Submission of the Night)
Ryan Casey defeats Tim Coleman via decision 
Alex Yablong defeats Kris Hocum decision 
James Mikus defeats Matt Johnson via heel hook
Casey Pratt defeats Brian Bui via collar choke 
Ryan Wirth defeats Robert Parish via decision

Teens and Kids 
Mikayala Castillo defeats Jaidyn Mueller via armbar (fight of the night)
Zak Kaufman defeats Thomas Bringe via decision 
Jaya Haggerty defeats Emma Sojo via RNC 
Damien Reyes defeats Emerson Preuss via armbar
Ryno Renton defeats Casey Walker via armbar (submission of the night)