Livia Gluchowska Does Well Under Pressure, Ready To Show Her A-Game At Copa Podio

Gluchowska Ready To Show A-Game At Copa Podio

Livia Gluchowska fights on Oct. 22 as part of the Vikings vs Kangaroos. With her extensive athletic and competition background, she believes she'll shine under the bright lights at Copa Podio. 

As soon as I found out I’ll be fighting Emilia I watched all her fights, definitely coaches and I went through my game plan. I think it’s good to know what my opponent is going to do but I want to do my A-game. She’s a tough girl and it’ll be a pleasure to fight her. 

I think I do really well under pressure. I was a gymnast for 12 years and track cyclist, so performing for a crowd under the lights, I think as nervous as I am and the pressure I feel, I’ll just get a massive rush out of it.

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