Lord Of Chaos Tommy Langaker Describes Anti-System Training Method


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Tommy Langaker and his teammate Espen Mathiesen are considered to be two of the very best jiu-jitsu athletes on the planet, a fact made all the more intriguing given the cosideration that they came up in relative isolation in Haugesund, Norway.

The lack of an extensive training network forced the duo to get creative in their training methodologies, and unlike the major trend of today that sees athletes systematizing just about everything, Langaker and his cohorts choose to embrace a free form style of training and learning. 

“I could say we do this many specific trainings, that we have this system we do, but that would all be a lie, there is no system - there is no system in Chaos. We all have our own assignments”

Langaker elaborated by saying that he started with no coach, and coming from a small jiu-jitsu community they had to get creative to improve their games and stay motivated.  There was no central resource to guide them for many years, and therefore they had to embrace a unique approach.  

.Training Schedule 

  • Training jiu-jitsu 2x a day Monday-Friday.
  • Saturday active recovery -walking, stretching ect.