Why No-Gi Makes Your Gi Game Better | The Xande Show (Ep. 2)

2. Why No-Gi Makes Your Gi Game Better

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Fresh from his match in Brazil vs Vagner Rocha, Xande dives into the gi vs no-gi debate, discusses hybrid grapplers, and drops the bomb that training no-gi makes gi grapplers better.

6:30: Danaher Atos gi/no-gi

8:00: Vagner is not an asshole, he’s just rough

11:56: The psychological warfare of competition and training

13:00: Is Xande going to start training his trash talking?

14:17: Self criticism

16:00: 365 days until the next ADCC

16:39: Breaking down Cyborg vs Kaynan

21.20: What is a hybrid fighter? Xande analyzes gi / no-gi specialists

27:35: Marcelo Garcia and Andre Galvao’s different approaches to gi / no-gi training and which camp Xande falls into

28:47: How training no-gi improved Xande’s gi game

31:25: Is no-gi grappling becoming a different art to jiu-jitsu?

34:15: The growth of no-gi jiu-jitsu, and the good and bad of this style of grappling

36:56: The next generation of grapplers will be “wrestle-jitsu”

Ask Xande

38:44: How do you teach the mindset of competition?

46:01: The “Gentle Art” of jiu-jitsu – how do we strike the right balance?

52:13: Why isn’t the closed guard used in the no-gi scene?

56:35: Do you need to train at an elite gym to become elite?