GFTeam & JiuArt Join Forces; Check Out The details Of The Merger

GFTeam & JiuArt Join Forces; Check Out The details Of The Merger

GFTeam and JiuArt have merged, bringing about a new era for the Brazil-based organizations.

Sep 15, 2023 by Carlos Arthur Jr.
GFTeam & JiuArt Join Forces; Check Out The details Of The Merger

GFTeam, a traditional BJJ team created in Brazil, caught the jiu-jitsu community by surprise this week, announcing a merger with JiuArt, another group within the sport's competitive scene.

Under the command of Diego Vasconcellos and based in the city of Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, JiuArt was looking to carve a place for themselves in local tournaments. Now bolstered by a partner willing to invest in the sport, JiuArt has evolved into a team that aims to professionalize its members in a technical and mediatic fashion, all while streamlining the payment of both athletes and professors. After closing a partnership with Rio Fighters, owned by Professor Miltinho Vieira, Jiu Art decided that it was time to strike an ambitious deal with GFTeam. But the path to this partnership came about in an unusual way.

Back in May, behind the scenes at BJJStars 10, Patrick Gaudio was still coming to terms with his defeat at the hands of Adam Wardzinski in the Absolute GP. That's when JiuArt's founder Felipe Firenze approached him and, after talking for a while, invited Patrick to join JiuArt and its Jiu-Jitsu project.

"I didn't want to leave GFTeam, I don't feel comfortable being away from my team," Patrick told FloGrappling. "We talked again a couple of days later, this time with Master Julio Cesar standing right beside me, and agreed that it would be best to close the deal with the entire GFTeam brand." Thus, the JiuArt representatives met with jiu-jitsu master and GFTeam leader Julio Cesar Pereira to discuss the terms of the merger.

The plan presented to the master was every athlete's dream: Coverage of traveling and other expenses, medical support, and a bonus for the best competitors. GFTeam liked the idea and decided to share its own plans with JiuArt. Having created GFTeam in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Master Julio Cesar seemed thrilled to give more support to his best students, aside from the technical knowledge that GFTeam has shown throughout the years.    

"The most important thing about this merger is to allow athletes to have better means than I had in the past," Julio Cesar says. "Making a living from the sport is not easy, athletes have their work cut out for them. Raffles, seminars, and collective classes. Through this partnership, besides the medical support for the whole team, we'll be able to reward our most dedicated competitors with the guarantee of a plane ticket and financial support, so they can keep their focus on training."

Regarding the obvious growth the team will have on the professional level, Julio was clear in saying that GFTeam's structure will not change. For instance, When it comes to new competitors joining the team, GFTeam will keep its policy of rewarding the most dedicated athletes without considering external factors.

"GFTeam continues to value the athletes who dedicate themselves to the team. No new athlete who joins GFTeam in the future will start off with the same level of benefits that another athlete fought hard to get. The path is the same for everyone: join the team, train, show your value, and then earn your space and the benefits that the team can provide."

The plans for the GFTeam JiuArt merger include improvements to the team structure, opening of new branches, and an even larger project to support competitors from underprivileged communities who want to make a living from the sport.