2024 ADCC North American Trials 2

The 10 Best Early Matches At Day 2 Of ADCC West Coast Trials

The 10 Best Early Matches At Day 2 Of ADCC West Coast Trials

There's so much action to get excited for but these 10 matches stand out most from the first two rounds of ADCC West Coast Trials day two

Mar 31, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
The 10 Best Early Matches At Day 2 Of ADCC West Coast Trials

ADCC West Coast Trials is off and running in Las Vegas, NV and as we look ahead to day 2 here on Sunday, there's so much great action about to go down. While pretty much every quarterfinal and beyond will be stacked with world class talent, there's still so much to get excited about in the round of 32 and round of 16. We picked out 10 of our favorite matches to keep an eye out for.

77kg, Round of 32 - Andrew Tackett vs Dory Aoun

  • Talk about opening the day with a scrap! One of the first matches at -77kg on Sunday will be highly seeded Andrew Tackett taking on Dory Aoun. Andrew is finally back after an injury kept him out and now is looking great. Dory is a WNO veteran and CheckMat black belt who has a lot of no-gi experience. They met back at purple belt in a great match, now it's ADCC time.

-88kg, Round of 32 - Jay Rodriguez vs Angelo Claiborne

  • Remember the last time a TLI guy and a B-Team guy met at Trials? While the 2-seed Jay Rod is the favorite, this R32 match with Angelo "The Truck" is a really dangerous one. Claiborne is strong and strategic, making him a tough matchup for anybody. Can the surging JayRod pass the early test to keep his momentum rolling?

-55kg, Round of 16 - Jasmine Rocha vs Ally Wolski

  • Ally is an under the radar B-Team athlete with a lot of upside who was supposed to take on Helena Crevar last year at a WNO before getting an injury. Now, she gets her chance against the elite when she takes on Jasmine Rocha at Trials. Can she pull the upset or will Jasmine snatch another submission?

-55kg, Round of 16 - Alex Nguyen vs Amanda Bruse

  • After a prolonged hiatus, Alex Nguyen is back and advanced to day 2 at ADCC. She really had a to dig to pull out a win yesterday against Laura Anderson, so her path in the bracket will be no joke. Amanda Bruse is a 2024 IBJJF World No-Gi silver, making her about as tough a test as you could want for anyone in this bracket.

-66kg, Round of 16 - Reese Lafever vs Gavin Corbe

  • These are two super aggressive submission hunters with enigmatic coaches in the corner. Reese of New Wave is all-subs on day one, as is Gavin from Standard, and they are both strong leg lockers, guard passers, back takers, and more. Gavin may have an edge in the wrestling, can he make it count?

-66kg, Round of 16 - AJ Agazarm vs Deandre Corbe

  • Deandre is one of the favorites for -66kg but he's got no easy path, including an early match with AJ Agazarm - a former World silver medalist. AJ may not be on the most modern no-gi metas but he is dog tough and a superlative wrestler. Can Deandre turn it up and overcome this early round test?

-66kg, Round of 16 - Geo Martinez vs Joshua Flores

  • This is such a fun clash because it's youth and experience meeting up. Geo is one of the veterans in this bracket making an impact, including hitting a crazy kani basami yesterday. Joshua on the other hand is the youngest athlete to qualify for day two at only 16. Who has the edge here? It's the kind of match you only see at Trials.

-77kg, Round of 16 - Magid Hage vs Kyle Chambers

  • This is maybe my favorite early round matchup tomorrow. Magid Hage is on a tear, snatching crazy armlocks to finish everyone - including a wild one when someone took HIS back. Kyle Chambers has also been super impressive, with all subs to day 2 after a big cut to -77kg. They both play such an odd combo in style of relaxed-but-violent, I really don't know what to expect out of this match (besides some great grappling).

-88kg, Round of 16 - Achilles Rocha vs Elder Cruz

  • Achilles Rocha has been putting on a good show with big slams and decisive finishes, but he's about to run into a wall named Elder Cruz. The one seed Elder has stellar wrestling and control but a little weakness on the leg locks - a noted strength of Achilles.

-99kg, Round of 16 - Kyle Boehm vs Corbin Crisp

  • Boehm was a super late entry but the ADCC veteran is now the one seed and rolling at day 2. He's always cool as a cucumber, never letting the match get too excited, but now he's facing Corbin Crisp - who is such a scrapper I'm not sure he will let it stay tactical like Kyle likes. This one may break open in a wild way.

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