2024 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

IBJJF Black Belt Worlds Finals: Full Results & Match Links

IBJJF Black Belt Worlds Finals: Full Results & Match Links

Keep up with all the action going on today live at the IBJJF Worlds, with stars like Mica Galvao, Diego Pato, Gabi Pessanha, Jansen Gomes, and more

Jun 2, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
IBJJF Black Belt Worlds Finals: Full Results & Match Links

The 2021 World Championships final rounds are set. Today, the IBJJF will crown new champions in the 28th edition of Worlds.

We've been following the action and story lines all week, and this event will be historic. After a wild round of upsets yesterday, the semifinals for the men and finals for the women are set.

Don't miss a moment of the action, tune in to this article all day to see who passes through to the next round, and how.

Open Class Finals


It will be a walkover, as Jansen's foot is too injured to compete. Erich wins the absolute.


It's just the expectation at this point - Gabi Pessanha wins again as she collects the foot lock early on to tap Yara Soares. That's 4 World double golds in a row.

Men's World Finals

Ultra-Heavy (watch here)

Yatan Bueno uses a takedown and pass to earn his first World gold medal in the heaviest male weight.

Heavy (watch here)

Adam Wardzinski uses his classic butterfly and tight passing style to finally crest the mountain - he wins gold with a submission in the finals. He's the first Polish athlete to win gold here at black belt.

Middle (watch here)

In a CheckMat battle, it's Jackson Nagai winning gold! His brother won here last year and now Jackson joins him after nearly quitting adult competition for Masters.

Light (watch here)

In a much closer match than their previous encounters, Mica is finally able to officially win a black belt world title with an advantages win over rival Andy Murasaki.

Feather (watch here)

Meyram is the king at feather, winning one of the toughest weights in years with a submission in the finals from the back.

Light-Feather (watch here)

Diego Pato is able to win his third world title in the gi in a dominating display of jiu-jitsu, submitting again with a choke from the back.

Rooster (watch here)

Bebeto finds the back and wins with the choke! That's his first World title, he gets it done in a tough field.

Super-Heavy (watch here)

Some unbelievable sequences here at super-heavy between brothers Anderson & Erich Munis - but it's Anderson who is able to win with a shocking kneebar. That's only the second time Erich has been submitted at black belt. 

Medium-Heavy (watch here)

We're only a few minutes in and Brauginha is able to secure the foot - he gets the tap! Incredible, he wins again at Worlds. Jansen is still down - it remains to be seen if he can do the open class finals later. After the match, Gustavo does a small tribute to his deceased mentor, the legendary Leandro Lo.

Women's World Finals

Rooster (watch here)

Mayssa Bastos wins her fifth world title by points, 10-0, with some prodigious back takes. She is the most dominant force at this weight class we've maybe ever seen.

Light-Feather (watch here)

Thamires Aquino, after 7 years of trying, is able to finally reach the mountain-top. She wins by decision in a very close match with Amanda Monteiro.

Feather (watch here)

It's a razor close match, and we will go to decision after ten hard minutes of combat between Ana Rodrigues and Tata Ribeiro - it's CheckMat's Tata winning her first world title!

Light (watch here)

Luiza Monteiro completes her all submission run through Worlds with a toe hold over BSM in the finals. She goes 4-for-4 on subs this tournament and lays down her belt - signifying her retirement from the Worlds.

Middle (watch here)

Andressa continues her dominant run over the middleweight division, winning here in the finals by submission to earn her fifth World title.

Medium-Heavy (watch here)

Thamara Ferreira is able to secure her very first World title, winning by way of advantages here.

Heavy (watch here)

Tamiris Silva wins her first world title using strong top pressure and tactical brilliance.

Super-Heavy (watch here)

Gabi Pessanha extends her unreal streak to 127-0 with a footlock submission over Yara. The queen is as secure on her throne as ever.

Men's Semifinal Round


Semifinals: Pedro Alex vs Gui Augusto (watch here)

Very little action through the first half, and both fighters pick up three penalties each. One more ends the match by DQ. In the final minute, Bom Bom picks up the pace and secures the pass! He will win 5-2 to make the finals.

Semifinals: Seif Houmaine vs Yatan Bueno (watch here)

In a surprising finish, Seif picks up 4 penalties within the first three minutes to get DQ'ed for passivity.

World Finals: Yatan Bueno vs Pedro Alex


Semifinals: Erich Munis vs Marcelo Oliveira (watch here)

Erich's guard work is just too much for his opponent as he is able to sweep, score, and eventually submit his oppoinent with a triangle choke/arm lock.

Semifinals: Anderson Munis vs Harryson Pereira (watch here)

Anderson wins on two advantages and is in the World finals with his brother. Considering the new rules around closing out, it will be interesting to see if they fight - especially considering Erich is in the absolute finals.

World Finals: Erich Munis vs Anderson Munis


Semifinals: Adam Wardzinski vs Rider Zuchi (watch here)

Adam is on a mission here. He uses that famous butterfly guard and Polish pressure to get to the mount and cross choke his way to the finals.

Semifinals: Paulo Merlin vs Vinicius Liberati (watch here)

In a tight, tactical match it is Vinicius Liberati picking up the win to advance to his first world final at black belt by a score of 2-0.

World Finals: Adam Wardzinski vs Vinicius Lliberati


Semifinals: Isaque Bahiense vs Gustavo Batista (watch here)

In a battle of World Champions, they end up in 50/50 and as Isaque is hunting his own foot lock it is Batista who secures a kneebar to force the tap about halfway through. That may be the final gi match of Isaque's storied career.

Semifinals: Ronaldo Junior vs Jansen Gomes (watch here)

Jansen scores early with a takedown to lead by two, then his blitzing passing style racks up advantages on his way to victory. Jansen will be in two World finals today!

World Finals: Gustavo Batista vs Jansen Gomes


Semifinals: Francisco Lo vs Jhonathan Marques (watch here)

In a match where he was favoring his knee heavily, Francisco Lo used reverse closed guard to advance his way to top and win by 2 points.

Semifinals: Yan Pica-Pau vs Jackson Nagai (watch here)

Tied through 8 minutes, Jackson has an advantage to lead and is able to pick up his 2 for the sweep but Yan sweeps right back. The match will end like that, and Nagai wins to make his first finals!

World Finals: Francisco Lo vs Jackson Nagai


Semifinals: Mica Galvao vs Pedro Maia (watch here)

We are tied through nine minutes in one of the closest matches Mica has had in so long. Finally, in the final minute, he is able to take the back, score his points, and win 4-0. Great tactical match.

Semifinals: Andy Murasaki vs Luiz Paolo (watch here)

Unfortunately, Luiz Paulo is disqualified with two minutes left because of a reap from bottom position. Andy will advance to face Mica again in a major finals.

World Finals: Mica Galvao vs Andy Murasaki


Semifinals: Meyram Alves vs Diego Sodre (watch here)

Meyram is up by two advantages late off the strength of his passing (which has been incredible all tournament). Diego is able to even up one, but not the other and Meyram will win a very tight match.

Semifinals: Alex Sodre vs Ademir Barreto (watch here)

It was tied late, but Ademir Barreto pushed in the final minute to secure the kneebar and get the tap. He was likely losing the decision, that was a solid comeback and finish.

World Finals: Meyram Alves vs Ademir Barreto


Semifinals: Kevin Carrasco vs Jonas Andrade (watch here)

Kevin Carrasco is unable to continue, so Jonas Andrade wins by walkover to make the finals.

Semifinals: Diego Oliveira vs Matheus Lima (watch here)

Pato puts on our first dominant display of the morning, showing off his passing on the way to the back and submitting his opponent.

World Finals: Jonas Andrade vs Diego Oliveira


Semifinals: Carlos Alberto Oliveira vs Rodnei Barbosa (watch here)

In a highly technical and tactical match, it's Bebeto Oliveira advancing to the finals by aa score of 4-2, seeking his first title.

Semifinals: Zayed Alkatheeri vs Andrew Soares (watch here)

Zayed scores late to even the points, and an advantage will break the tie - Zayed advances to the finals with some late heroics in the semis.

World Finals: Carlos Alberto Oliveira vs Zayed Alkatheeri

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