The Top 12 Brown Belts Promoted To Black Belt At IBJJF Worlds

The Top 12 Brown Belts Promoted To Black Belt At IBJJF Worlds

The next class of IBJJF black belt competitors looks strong, with these twelve medalists headlining the brown belts who were promoted at Worlds

Jun 12, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
The Top 12 Brown Belts Promoted To Black Belt At IBJJF Worlds

The IBJJF Worlds are done and as we look back on the gi season, one of the most satisfying parts of the tournament is seeing competitors promoted to the next rank, often after winning a colored belt World championship. This year, we saw some remarkable promotions at the brown belt level, with these twelve now all black belts who will be expecting to compete at the highest levels of the martial art.

1. Cassia Moura

No promotion at Worlds was more talked about than Cassia's. Thanks to the IBJJF's new rule that colored belt world champions (gi and no-gi) are eligible for immediate promotion in rank, Cassia went blue to black in under one calendar year - the fastest ever. You can read more about her remarkable story here.

2. Jalen Fonacier

Jalen Fonacier had a back and forth rivalry with Kleber Souza at roosterweight, but with Kleber unable to make weight at Worlds it opened the door for a very impressive gold medal performance for Jalen. Fonacier, a training partner and student at Cobrinha's academy, can contend for a World medal as soon as next year at black belt.

3 & 4. Robson NoBrake and Leo Ferreira

Robson NoBrake and Leo Ferreira are teammates and competitors who had their lives upended by the recent natural disasters in Brazil. Still, they both medaled and closed out the brown belt absolute finals together - before being promoted to black belt on the podium.

5. Thaynara Victoria

WNO veteran Thaynara Victoria was victorious in her campaign at Worlds, winning gold in the lightweight division with an aggressive, submission-oriented style. After the tournament, she was promoted to black belt where she will be a contender to medal soon.

6. Rerisson Gabriel

Rerisson won a competitive and fun light-feather division in an impressive display of guard and tactics. His promotion was well deserved as he dives into a deep field at black belt.

7. Gabriel Galvao

Gabriel Galvao emerged over the season as one of the year's most impressive brown belts. After his gold medal run at medium-heavy, he was promptly promoted to black.

8. Windson Alves

Windson Alves was a factor in most of the super-heavy and absolute divisions at majors this year, earning a number of impressive finishes and victories. 

9. Yasmyn Castro

Yasmyn has been someone who has been very impressive throughout her colored belt run and she capped that with a dominant run at brown belt Worlds and a black belt promotion on the podium.

10. Isa Lemos

Isa is a very imposing super-heavyweight who won gold in her division before also making the open class finals. She can be a contender to medal very quickly at the black belt level.

11. Miguel Costa

Miguel Costa is the younger brother of talented black belt Carlos Henrique and a strong competitor in his own right. After medaling at Worlds at lightweight, Miguel also received his upgrade in rank.

12. Mateus Moraes

Another in a deep field of talented brazilian brown belts, Mateus medaled at Worlds and was promoted after returning to his home academy.