IBJJF 2016 Pan Viewer's Guide: Who To Watch, When, And On Which Mat

We’ve created the ultimate guide to watching the stream of the 2016 IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships. As we’re streaming all 12 mats simultaneously and with so many great black belts all competing, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow viewer’s guide so you won’t miss a single match. 

If you’re looking for a specific category, then we have the start times of all divisions right here. Scroll down to find the start times for the category you’re looking for. 

To make it even easier to follow the action we’ve highlighted the time and mat number of the first match for some of the top black belts.  

Note re Absolute division: As yet the openweight division brackets have not yet been announced and therefore we do not have a schedule. We will post this information as soon as possible. 

Stay tuned to the live updates as provided by the official IBJJF order of matches

All times are approximate and subject to change

Male black belts
Mikey Musumeci – Sunday 20, Mat 1 9.36am
João Miyao – Sunday 20, Mat 7 9am 
Osvaldo Moizinho – Sunday 20, Mat 7 10.36am 
Bruno Frazatto – Sunday 20, Mat 6 10.36am 
Marcio Andre – Sunday 20, Mat 7 9.48am 
Paulo Miyao – Sunday 20, Mat 6 9.48am 
Francisco Iturralde – Sunday 20, Mat 5 10.12am 
Mansher Khera – Sunday 20, Mat 5 9.36am 
Andris Brunovskis – Sunday 20, Mat 5 10am 
Michael Liera Jr. – Sunday 20, Mat 5 9am 
AJ Sousa – Sunday 20, Mat 5 10.24am 
Gabriel Rollo – Sunday 20, Mat 5 9.48am 
Thiago Abreu – Sunday 20, Mat 5 9.36am 
Edwin Najmi – Sunday 20, Mat 5 9.12am 
Dillon Danis – Saturday 19, Mat 2 10.44am 
Jonathan T. Satava – Saturday 19, Mat 3 10.54am 
Marcos Tinoco – Saturday 19, Mat 4 10.44am 
JT Torres – Saturday 19, Mat 4 9.50am 
Josh Hinger – Saturday 19, Mat 2 10.44am 
Felipe Cesar Silva – Saturday 19, Mat 3 11.06am 
Vinícius Marinho – Saturday 19, Mat 2 11.06am 
Jaime Canuto – Saturday 19, Mat 1 10.44am 
Victor Silverio – Saturday 19, Mat 4 10.44am 
Magid Hage IV – Saturday 19, Mat 4 10.56am 
Otavio Sousa – Saturday 19, Mat 1 11.18am 
Yago de Souza – Saturday 19, Mat 2 10am 
Darragh O Conaill – Saturday 19, Mat 2 10.32am 
Manuel Ribamar – Saturday 19, Mat 4 10.2am 
Matheus Diniz – Saturday 19, Mat 5 11.38am 
Tanner Rice – Saturday 19, Mat 5 11.26am 
Lucas Barbosa – Saturday 19, Mat 6 11.26am 
Murilo Santana – Sunday 20, Mat 7 12.24am 
Thiago Sá – Sunday 20, Mat 7 12am 
Romulo Barral – Sunday 20, Mat 7 11.48am 
Diego Ramalho – Saturday 19, Mat 5 11.38am 
Gabriel Arges – Sunday 20, Mat 7 12.48am 
Leandro Lo – Sunday 20, Mat 7 12.36am 
Tim Spriggs – Sunday 20, Mat 6 1pm 
Bernardo Faria – Sunday 20, Mat 6 3pm 
Yuri Simoes – Sunday 20, Mat 7 3pm
Luiz Panza – Sunday 20, Mat 7 3.12pm 
Jared Dopp – Sunday 20, Mat 6 2.24 pm 
Andre Galvao – Sunday 20, Mat 5 2.24pm 
Joseph Moku – Sunday 20, Mat 5 1.36pm 
Abraham Marte – – Sunday 20, Mat 5 1.12pm 
Joao Gabriel Rocha – Sunday 20, Mat 5 2.36pm 
Mahamed Aly – Sunday 20, Mat 5 1.36pm 

Female black belts
Gezary Matuda – Sunday 20, Mat 1 11.24am 
Tammi Musumeci – Sunday 20, Mat 1 10.48am  
Mackenzie Dern – Sunday 20, Mat 1 11.12am 
Beatriz Mesquita – Sunday 20, Mat 1 11am 
Michelle Nicolini – Sunday 20, Mat 5 12.36am  
Luiza Monteiro – Sunday 20, Mat 5 12.48pm

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