Fight to Win 5

Five Amazing Matches On Fight To Win 5 You Can't Afford To Miss

Five Amazing Matches On Fight To Win 5 You Can't Afford To Miss

Everybody knows about the headline bout between Andre Galvao and Bruno Bastos at Fight To Win 5, but here are five great reasons not to miss out on the rest

May 4, 2016 by FloGrappling
Five Amazing Matches On Fight To Win 5 You Can't Afford To Miss
Everybody knows about the headline bout between Andre Galvao and Bruno Bastos at Fight To Win 5, but here are five great reasons not to miss out on the rest of the card – ranging from featherweight showdowns to explosive no-gi match-ups and much more! 

Fight To Win matches are all submission-only, with winners being decided by judges decision if no submission occurs. 

Black Belt No-Gi Heavyweight Title: Ray 'Kong' Seraile vs Joao Assis 

After getting a warm up by competing recently at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, Joao Assis is super motivated for his upcoming Fight To Win 5 match. Assis, who is a veteran and victor on the main event of Fight To Win 1, has his hands full with Baret Yoshida-trained black belt Ray 'Kong' Seraile. Expect the Checkmat black belt Assis to bring that patented wrestling / jiu-jitsu hybrid style that helped him win at the ADCC world championships and defeat some of the biggest names in the sport. Kong trains under one of the best in the business who will also be competing on the card – Baret Yoshida.

Black Belt Featherweight Title: Baret Yoshida vs Milton Bastos 

This will be the first time Milton Bastos and Baret Yoshida will compete against each other. Both competitors seem to have the same ethic when it comes to competing, which is,  compete as often as possible. It is not unusual to see the two competing at any IBJJF open event or submission grappling tournament across the country. But now, they finally meet at Fight To Win. Baret has the hometown crowd for his advantage, but making it a Gi match could prove to be favorable for the NorCal based Bastos. Who will win in this featherweight battle?   

Black Belt No-Gi 185lb: Richie Martinez vs Ryan Robinson 

The unorthodox and always-exciting 10th Planet black belt Richie Martinez is no stranger to professional jiu-jitsu. Coming off a big victory over Jimmy Friedrich at EBI 6, expect him to show the jiu-jitsu world the validity of the 10th Planet system in an exciting no-gi match with Gracie Barra Encinitas black belt Ryan Robinson.

Black Belt 245lb: Rafael Davis vs JJ Pugsley 

JJ Pugsley returns to Fight To Win having competed in the main event against Joao Assis at Fight To Win 1. A black belt under Dean Lister, Pugsley makes his return to his home turf of San Diego and looks to utilize his submission-based game to defeat Rafael Davis. But he will have to really be careful as Rafael Davis is known to have one of the most lethal gi chokes on the local scene. Rafael has put some of the top competitors in the local scene to sleep by using his almost super-human grip strength and will definitely be looking for the submission against JJ at Fight To Win.

Brown Belt 175b: Rolando Samson vs Dom Hoskins 

Atos Jiu-Jitsu vs the BJJ Revolution team, two of San Diego’s largest factions will square off with a couple of their top up-and-coming representatives on the stage. Both Rolando and Dom have competed in several competitions together, both locally in San Diego and abroad, but for whatever reason, have never faced each other until now. You can expect the Atos representative Rolando (who is coming off a controversial loss at the IBJJF Pans) to bring his always-entertaining modern jiu-jitsu style that has made him famous worldwide. But, Dom Hoskins is no hobbiest jiu-jitsu player – having medaled at the Worlds and at national IBJJF championships, Hoskins could derail the Samson hype train. Who will win in this brown belt showdown? 

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