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Fight to Win's Dan Borovic Talks Morning Rituals & Breathing Techniques

Fight to Win's Dan Borovic Talks Morning Rituals & Breathing Techniques

FloGrappling asked Dan Borovic​ how he prepares every day for hard training sessions with Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros in Chicago.

Sep 23, 2016 by Reid Connell
Fight to Win's Dan Borovic Talks Morning Rituals & Breathing Techniques
Dan Borovic is an American brown belt you should be keeping an eye on.

Having won multiple medals at IBJJF and UAEJJF competitions the 360 BJJ representative burst onto the scene as a purple belt, winning a NoGi World title and even competing against Keenan Cornelius in a submission-only tournament.

After being promoted to brown belt by Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros the Chicago native was immediately invited down to South America for the 2016 Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix, one of the toughest and most prestigious tournaments in grappling. There Borovic proved he was ready to take on the sports elite and faced veteran black belts like Claudio CalasansErberth Santos, and Diego Borges

On Saturday night, Borovic brings his dynamic guard back to FloGrappling, this time at Fight to Win Pro 13 against another Chicago native Ashur Darmo. We asked Borovic​ how he prepares every day for such hard training sessions with Comprido in Chicago.

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"Usually when I wake up the first thing I do is a certain breathing technique that I learned from Wim Hof," Borovic said. "I used to do something called pranayama before that, but I feel this is more comprehensive. All you do is in-hale 30 times all the way, exhale maybe 15 percent of it and hold your breathe. And maybe after three sets you'll be holding your breath for a really long period of time; three minutes and over."

It's just a good way to begin your morning and oxygenate your body, loosen up your mind and you'll feel completely different once it's done. It has more of a pronounced effect on me than even coffee, but it's natural.

Then I take a cold shower. That's pretty much my morning ritual. After that I feel primed, optimized and ready for the day.
Check out Joe Rogan going into more detail about Wim Hof's breathing exercises:

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