Fight To Win Pro 15 Full Results

Black Belt Results

Vinicius Agudo Silva defeats Rodrigo Pinheiro decision
Rossie Snow defeats Fabiana Jorge decision
Diego Gamonal Nogueira defeats Tony Erard decision
Carlos Ferreira Neves defeats Gleidson Cutis decision FOTN
Thiago Macedo defeats Levi Mowles Armbar
Daniel Lee Rodriguez defeats Gilbert Jimenez Armbar
Gabriel Martins defeats Rivaldo Junior bow and arrow choke

Brown Belt Results

Alex Lane defeats Robert Brice flying triangle SOTN
Seth Daniels defeats Mike Delgado decision
Matthew Fox defeats Brandon Walker decision
Jordan Burton III defeats Tom Connor Bow and Arrow
Jeffro Mullenax defeats Roberto Chapa decision
Joseph Tonche defeats Emmanuel Martinez decision
Robert Brice defeats Alex Henley split decision
Ben Leny defeats Osni Filho Armbar FOTN

Purple Belt Results

Christopher L West defeats Rafael Perez choke
Linda Gutierrez defeats Rebecca Varady armbar
Matt Jones defeats David Shelley decision
Diego Almeida defeats Richard Chalk triangle SOTN
Ryan Ben-David defeats Eddie Rodriguez footlock
Damion Oranday defeats Chris Kuntshik footlock
Santiago Garza defeats Alfred Varon decision
Justin Garcia defeats Nathan Torres decision FOTN

Teens and Kids

Leeroy Guiterrez defeats Wilson Sojo Armbar
Austin Oranday defeats Marus llanas Choke SOTN
Rene Gallegos defeats Grayson Henley decision
Jose R. Gonzalez defeats Freddy Marquez split decision FOTN
Cole Abate defeats Wilson Sojo decision

5 Favorite Masters Worlds Matches

The 2018 IBJJF World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championships will take place on Aug 22-25, and in honor in one of our favorite events of the year, we thought we'd UNLOCK five of our favorite masters' Worlds matches. Hit the links below and enjoy.

Vagner Rocha Is A Nasty Man

Vagner Rocha came close winning the KASAI Pro 170lb championship belt on Saturday night, but in a razor-thin final against Renato Canuto it was his trademark style of gritty jiu-jitsu that cost him the title.

2018 IBJJF World Master Jiu-Jitsu Championship: Schedule & Brackets Are Out

The schedule, brackets and mat assignments are available for the 2018 IBJJF World Master Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which takes place in Las Vegas. 

Renato Canuto: KASAI Pro 3 Road To Gold

Renato Canuto Becomes KASAI Pro Double Champ!

Renato Canuto stepped up in a big way this past week weekend with his title-winning performance at KASAI Pro 3. The No. 2-ranked 77kg no-gi athlete earned his second KASAI title, this time in the welterweight division, after besting some of the toughest competition in the world. 

New Team Grappling Event Coming to Los Angeles: SUBVERSIV By Fight 2 Win

A new team grappling event is coming to LA and will feature stars from 10th Planet, Checkmat, Carlson Gracie and Team Lloyd Irvin go head to head.

Everything Good, Bad And Ugly About KASAI Pro 3

America’s new number one submission grappling event put on another great show for the New York crowd and the global grappling community, but it wasn’t without incident. 

KASAI Pro 3 Recap & Results: Canuto on Fire, Palhares Stalls Against Jones

Rousimar Palhares spoiled one of the most anticipated matches of the year by doing almost nothing in an anticlimactic superfight against Craig Jones at KASAI Pro 3. 

Matt Leighton Submits Dante Leon At F2W 84

Two of Fight 2 Win's most active athletes took to the main event tonight in Chicago, IL and fans were treated to an incredible last-minute submission finish in the match between Dante Leon & Matt Leighton.

Pros Predict: Craig Jones vs Rousimar Palhares

We've reached out to some of the biggest names in jiu-jitsu to get their thoughts on the blockbuster matchup between Craig jones And Rousimar Palhares.

KASAI Pro 3: Official Weigh In Ceremony

The day is almost upon, and the athletes for KASAI Pro 3 have weighed in. Hit the link below to watch the full show.