FloGrappling Radio Ep14: Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson Grappling Match Preview


FloGrappling Radio is back for another weekly episode. Reid and Hywel break down the HUGE upcoming grappling match between Dan Henderson and Jon Jones, which you can watch LIVE on FloGrappling on Dec. 11. 

We put the spotlight on Edwin Najmi's stunning performance at Five Grappling Super League, take a look at Justin Rader’s third win in three weeks, and look ahead to a packed schedule of events that you can watch live on FloGrappling including the Grappling Pro Championship heavyweight tournament Fight To Win Pro 20, and the submission-only superfight between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan! 

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Show Notes
1.25: Submission Underground! Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson Dec. 11, get hyped! 
2.47: Jon Jones famous for his guillotine win over Lyoto Machida 
3.30: This match-up was the only UFC event to be cancelled. 
4.58: The match will be on Chael Sonnen’s show in Portland, Oregon. Plus a breakdown of the card
5.40: Jones vs Henderson is a submission-only match, a look at their grappling games 
6.19: Henderson hasn’t submitted anybody since 1999. 
7.20: A look at Jon Jones’ submissions in MMA 
8.38: Henderson has lost by submission, but are they’re Jones’ speciality? 
9.05: No strikes to set up the submissions 
10.30: Jones says he’s in love with / addicted to jiu-jitsu 
11.05: Jones is a white belt in jiu-jitsu(?!) 
11.50: Jones’ body type and how it affects his grappling game 
12.50: Guillotines and dark chokes from Jones in a grappling tournament 
13.35: Watch it live on FloGrappling! 
13.40: Five Grappling and Fight To Win last weekend 
15.20: Reid and Chase rolled at Atos in San Diego last week! 
16.53: Training heel hooks under the tutelage of Andre Galvao! 
18.28: Rolling with Josh Hinger, who unleashed the Hingertine! 
19.25: Five Grappling recap 
19.46: Edwin Najmi! So impressive in winning the 170lb Super League, his newfound confidence 
22.43: Flying triangles, footlocks and darce chokes 
23.12: Up and down year for Edwin, but he’s found his groove 
23.57: Fresh blood in the black belt division never a bad thing 
26.03: The 6-minute submission-only matches 
28.30: John Combs, Sean Roberts and other standout performances 
31.28: Edwin Najmi vs Bill Cooper, Marcelo Mafra vs Mansher Khera, Najmi vs Mafra. 
34.42: Fight To Win Pro 19, Justin Rader’s comeback 
35.36: Third event that Rader has won in three weeks 
38.00: Rader’s nasty choke attacks including the ‘DecapiRader’ 
38.57: Who’s next for Rader? Which top featherweights should he face? 
39.44: Fight To Win Pro 20 going down in Atlanta 
40.43: Grappling Pro Championship: The Heavyweights, Dec 11 in Florida 
42.16: Breaking down the 8-man heavyweight Grand Prix 
42.49: Jared Dopp’s impressive wrestling at No-Gi Worlds 
43.44: Superfight between Victor Silverio and Ricardo Rezende 
44.35: News on Rodolfo Vieira’s MMA debut 
46.37: Silverio’s first match since his injury at LA Grand Slam 
48.22: A reminder you can see Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan live on FloGrappling on Dec. 17

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