The Final List Of Every Grappler In For ADCC 2017 World Championship

[Updated Sep 21, 2017] Here is the final list with the name of every person who has qualified for or been invited to the ADCC 2017 World Championships, to be held in Finland on September 23-24.


There are two ways to compete at the ADCC World Championships; you either win one of the qualifying events (held in various locations around the world) or you receive an invitation.

All trials events are now over. Names added to each division are by invitation only. 

ADCC World Championships men's divisions feature 16 competitors, with eight qualified athletes, seven invitations and the return of the defending ADCC champion. Women's divisions feature eight competitors, with four qualified athletes, the defending champion and three invitations.

To be invited to ADCC is a great honor reserved for only elite grapplers, and so most athletes will need to fight their way onto the event.

Take a look below at the confirmed names...

Men -66kg

2015 champion: Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles
1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Uranov Zhakshylyk (Kyrgyzstan)
1st European Trials Winner: Janusz Andrejczuk (Poland)
1st South American Trials Winner: Pablo Mantovani (Brazil)
2nd South American Trials Winner: Paulo Miyao (Brazil)
2nd Asia & Oceania Winner: Yuta Shimada (Japan)
2nd North American Trials Winner: Ethan Crelinsten (Canada)
2nd European Trials Winner: Kuba Witkowski (Poland)
Invited: Bruno Frazatto
Invited: Geovanny Martinez
Invited: Augusto 'Tanquinho' Mendes
Invited: AJ Agazarm
Invited: Baret Yoshida
Invited: Nicholas Renier
Invited: Kamil Wilk 
Invited: Erno Elgland
Invited: Nicky Ryan 
Total: 16

Men -77kg

1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Lachlan Giles (Australia)
1st European Trials Winner: Tero Pyylampi (Finland)
1st North American Trials Winner: Mansher Singh Khera (USA)
1st South American Trials Winner: Felipe Cesar (Brazil)
2nd South American Trials Winner: Marcelo "Lapela" Mafra (Brazil)
2nd Asia & Oceania Winner: Osmanzhan Kassimov (Kazakstan)
2nd North American Trials Winner: Vagner Rocha (USA)
2nd European Trials Winner: Oliver Taza (Lebanon)
Invited: Garry Tonon
Invited: Lucas Lepri
Invited: JT Torres
Invited: DJ Jackson 
Invited: Celso Vinicius 
Invited: Leo 'Cascao' Saggioro 
Invited: Enrico Cocco
Invited: Sergio Ardila 
Total: 16

​2015 champion: Davi Ramos is OUT due to MMA commitments

Men -88kg

1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Craig Jones (Australia)
1st European Trials Winner: Jesse Urholin (Finland)
1st North American Trials Winner: James Brasco (USA)
1st South American Trials Winner: Murilo Santana (Brazil)
2nd South American Trials Winner: Kaynan Duarte (Brazil)
2nd Asia & Oceania Winner: Kit Dale (Australia)
2nd North American Trials Winner: John Salter (USA)
2nd European Trials Winner: Piotr Marcin Frechowicz (Poland)
Invited: Romulo Barral
Invited: Keenan Cornelius
Invited: Gordon Ryan 
Invited: Pablo Popovitch
Invited: Xande Ribeiro 
Invited: Leandro Lo 
Invited: Dillon Danis 
Invited: Rustam Chsiev 
Total: 16

​2015 champion: Yuri Simoes has moved to 99kg

Men -99kg

1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Roman Dolidze (Georgia)
1st European Trials Winner: Kamil Uminski (Poland)
1st North American Trials Winner: Eliot Kelly (USA)
1st South American Trials Winner: Mahamed Aly (Brazil)
2nd South American Trials Winner: Diego Salomao Ribeiro (Brazil)
2nd Asia & Oceania Winner: Yukiyasu Ozawa (Japan)
2nd North American Trials Winner: Paul Ardila (USA)
2nd European Trials Winner: Abdurakhman Bilarov (Russia)
2015 Champion (88kg): Yuri Simoes
Invited: Rafael Lovato Jr.
Invited: Felipe Pena 
Invited: Joao Assis
Invited: Jake Shields 
Invited: Mike Perez
Invited: Jeff Monson
Invited: Jackson Sousa 
Total: 16

​2015 champion: Rodolfo Vieira is OUT due to MMA commitments

Men +99kg

2015 champion: Orlando Sanchez
2nd Place Asia & Oceania Trials: Arman Zhanpeisov (Kazakhstan)
1st European Trials Winner: Khamzat Stambulov (Russia)
1st North American Trials Winner: Tom DeBlass (USA)
2nd South American Trials Winner: Victor Honório (Brazil)
2nd Asia & Oceania Winner: Hideki Sekine (Japan)
2nd North American Trials Winner: Casey Hellenberg (USA)
2nd European Trials Winner: Abdulaev Ruslan (Russia)
Invited: Vinny Magalhaes
Invited: Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu
Invited: Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida
Invited: Jared Dopp
Invited: Tim Spriggs
Invited: Bruno Bastos 
Invited: Janne-Pekka Pietilainen 
Invited; Jesseray Childrey
Total: 16

​1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner: Sulimanov Mokhmad (Kazakhstan) was replaced by Arman Zhanpeisov
​1st South American Trials Winner: Luiz Panza (Brazil) dropped to -99kg

Women -60kg

2015 champion: Mackenzie Dern
South American Trials Winner: Bianca Basílio (Brazil)
Asia & Oceania Winner: Rikako Yuasa (Japan)
European Trials Winner: Ffion Davies (United Kingdom)
Invited: Michelle Nicolini
Invited: Beatriz Mesquita
Invited: Talita Alencar 
Invited: Elvira Karppinen
Total: 8

Women +60kg

South American Trials Winner: Talita 'Treta' Nogueira (Brazil)
North American Trials Winner: Tara White (USA)
European Trials Winner: Samantha Cook (United Kingdom)
Invited: Jessica Flowers
Invited: Gabi Garcia
Invited: Amanda Santana 
Invited: Venla Luukkonen
Invited: Marysia Malyjasiak
Total: 8

​2015 champion Ana Laura Cordeiro is OUT due to family commitments 


Andre Galvao vs Claudio Calasans 
Chael Sonnen vs Leo Vieira 
Renzo Gracie vs Sanae Kikuta 

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